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Innokin iTaste CLK 1280 - Innokin Ecig Mod

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Innokin Itaste CLK 1280 is known as the iTaste “click” the Innokin iTaste CLK 1280 battery has been raved by reviewers everyone for it’s amazing power and comfortable cool design. The Innokin iTaste CLK 1280 is Innokin’s take on the Vision Spinner batteries, it has the same features as variable voltage. Let's take a look at some of the great features this battery has to offer. First, the battery actually makes a clicking sound when it goes into the spot which is pretty cool and of course how it got its unique name “CLK”. Second the Innokin iTaste CLK 1280 is sold with and made to attach a lanyard to, which is great for travel. It offers the option to actually attach your vape to your keys which is very cool, and innovative. Thirdly, it has variable voltage that has at 3.5 to 6 volts. Which is a lot of voltage for most vapers. Even extreme cloud chasers usually say they vape at a voltage setting of 5. The Innokin iTaste CLK 1280 give off the ability to produce huge clouds even at a low voltage setting. Next, and most importantly to most vapors, the Innokin iTaste CLK 1280 goes with all tanks. So fear not you can use any of your favorite tanks. Lastly, and maybe the best feature that makes this Innokin iTaste CLK 1280 stand out from other batteries is you can vape while charging! This “CLK” 1280 comes in black, white (your standard colors) and pink for a cute pop of color. The Innokin iTaste CLK 1280 battery gives of great power and beats its competitors with its sporty yet sleek design.



    Variable Voltage: 3.5, 3.8, 4.0, 4.3, 4.5, 4.8, 5.0
    Standby current: 50uA max
    Maximum output current: 3.0A
    Maximum output wattage: 9.5W
    Clearomizer Resistance: 1.2 ohm (minimum)
    Recommended Coil: 2.1Ohm Dual Coil
    Battery: 1280 mAh polymer Li‐Ion rechargeable battery
    Charging : 420mA‐4.2V max 350 mA
    Short Circuit Protection : 0.6 +/‐0.2 ohm

What you get:

  •     1 x iTaste CLK1280 Rechargeable battery
  •     1 x Beauty ring
  •     1 x Lanyard
  •     1 x Micro USB charging cable
  •     1 x Manual


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