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Airis Puff Vape

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Airis Puff Disposable Vape

Vaping enthusiasts always seek the perfect device that combines performance, style, and convenience. The Airis Puff disposable vape is a revolutionary product that elevates your vaping experience. Its cutting-edge technology, sleek design, and user-friendly features stand out in the crowded disposable vape market. Let's delve into the myriad benefits of the Airis Puff and see why it's a must-have for every vaper.

Wide Variety of Flavors

One of the joys of vaping is exploring a wide variety of flavors, and the Airis Puff does not disappoint. It is compatible with a broad range of premium e-liquids, offering flavors that cater to all tastes. From rich dessert flavors to refreshing menthol and everything in between, it ensures a satisfying and diverse vaping experience.

Airis Puff Flavors

  1. Gummy Bear
  2. Banana Ice
  3. Lychee Ice
  4. Pina Colada
  5. Blueberry Ice
  6. Lush Ice
  7. Guava Ice
  8. Blue Raz
  9. Watermelon
  10. Cool Mint
  11. Strawberry Watermelon
  12. Mixed Berries
  13. Peach Ice

Innovative Design

The Airis Puff boasts a sleek, ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand and pocket. Its portable size makes it perfect for on-the-go vaping, ensuring you can enjoy a satisfying puff anytime. The stylish appearance is complemented by various colors and finishes, allowing you to choose a device that matches your style.

Airis Puff

Advanced Technology

At the heart of the Airis Puff is a high-performance chipset that ensures efficient operation and intelligent features. This advanced technology provides consistent power output, ensuring that each puff is as satisfying as the last. The clever design also includes safety features that protect against overcharging and overheating, giving you peace of mind with every use.

Exceptional Flavor Delivery

One of the standout features is its exceptional flavor delivery. The device utilizes high-quality coils and optimal airflow systems to produce pure and intense flavors. Whether you prefer fruity, minty, or classic tobacco flavors, the Airis Puff ensures you enjoy your chosen e-liquid's true essence.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Vaping on the go requires a reliable battery, and the Puff delivers with its high-capacity, long-lasting battery life. Fast charging capabilities mean you spend less time tethered to a charger and more time enjoying your vape. Additionally, the device incorporates battery safety features, ensuring your device remains safe and functional over prolonged use.

User-Friendly Features

The Airis designed the Puff with the user in mind. Its straightforward operation makes it accessible even for vaping beginners. LED indicators provide transparent information about battery life and operational status, while the hassle-free maintenance means you can focus on enjoying your vape rather than worrying about upkeep.

Enhanced Vapor Production

For those who love dense clouds and a smooth draw, the Airis Puff excels in vapor production. Its advanced technology and adjustable settings allow you to customize your vaping experience, producing thick, flavorful clouds that enhance every puff. The smooth draw ensures that each inhalation is effortless and enjoyable.

Safety and Reliability

Safety is paramount. The device includes multiple protection features, such as overheat protection and short-circuit protection, ensuring reliable and safe performance. Built with durable materials, the Puff is designed to withstand everyday use while maintaining its sleek appearance and functionality.

Unparalleled Vaping Experience with Airis Puff

The Airis Puff offers an unparalleled vaping experience with its combination of advanced technology, exceptional flavor delivery, long-lasting battery life, and user-friendly design. Whether new to vaping or an experienced enthusiast, the Airis Puff is designed to meet and exceed your expectations. Experience the ultimate vaping satisfaction with the Airis Puff—purchase yours today and discover the difference.


  • E-Liquid Capacity: Prefilled 3.2mL
  • Salt Nicotine: 5.0% [50mg] Salt Nic
  • Battery Capacity: 550mAh
  • Pod Replaceable: No
  • Airflow: Not Adjustable
  • Coils Structure: Single Coil
  • No Maintenance, No Charging, No Refilling Required
  • Up to 800 Puffs ~ [2 Pack of Cigarettes]


  • Height: 105mm
  • Width: 16mm

What's Includes

  • 1x Airis Puff


What makes the Airis Puff different from other vaping devices?

The Airis Puff stands out due to its advanced technology, exceptional flavor delivery, long-lasting battery, and user-friendly features.

Is the Airis Puff suitable for beginners?

Absolutely. The Airis Puff is designed to be user-friendly, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced vapers.

Is the Airis Puff safe to use?

Yes, the Airis Puff includes multiple safety features, such as overheating and short-circuit protection, ensuring reliable and safe performance.

What flavors are compatible with the Airis Puff?

The Airis Puff is compatible with a wide variety of premium e-liquids, allowing you to enjoy diverse flavors.

How to Purchase Airis Puff?

Purchasing the Airis Puff is straightforward. You can easily find and buy your device through various retailers and online stores. Follow our buying guide for tips on purchasing and choosing the suitable flavors.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to be harmful in the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to
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