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Vape Batteries


Rechargeable vape batteries are one of the important parts of any vaping kit or vape device. Vaping should be a conscious choice - from the idea of ​​switching to steam and ending with the purchase of the first device. Otherwise, you will be at risk while spending a decent amount without any pleasure.

The vapor is generated by heating a solution of propylene glycol and glycerin, nicotine, and flavors that are commonly used in e-cigarette cartridges. There are many different types of e-cigarettes and many more liquids with different flavors. The process is similar to smoking a regular cigarette, but it includes the best vaping batteries.

Vape Battery Formats

You might be looking for the best batteries for vaping; before purchasing, you must know its format first. Everyone probably knows the difference between an ordinary galvanic AAA battery and a D battery. In professional terminology, these are the battery's size that corresponds to a certain standard. For lithium batteries, a more simplified and logical system of marking the types and sizes of best vape batteries comes in five digits’ terminology.

The first two digits indicate the battery's diameter in millimeters, the next two digits indicate the height in millimeters. For instance, the format is 18650 - the diameter of the battery is 18 mm, and the height is 65mm. Or another example of the 26650 - the diameter is 26mm, the height is 65mm, and so on.

Devices such as a vape or screwdriver require 18650 batteries, which can deliver high current. Such batteries are called high-current. However, the optimal battery designs for high current and maximum capacity differ.

Therefore, high-current 18650 batteries have a lower capacity than the maximum possible for lithium cells. For the most part, lithium-cobalt 18650 batteries have a high capacity but cannot deliver high current.

Types of Vape Batteries

Here are two main types of batteries:

  • Internal: These batteries are unable to be removed; they are determined with the mod from the factory, they are loaded through a USB port, and are usually of the LIPO type. If they run out of charge, we will have to connect and charge them. 
  • External: they are interchangeable, and when they are used up, we load them with an external charger or with the mod itself, but we can use another in the meantime. 

Within the interchangeable batteries, we will have several measures, and these are identified in their name; for example, the most used are 18650, and they will be 18mm in diameter and 65mm long.

To choose suitable vape mod batteries, you have to know its equipment first, because if you use mechanical equipment, you should use different batteries than in an electronic one. However, you must consider the resistance you will use in your equipment and the power you plan to vape (in case of being electronic) to not overload or demand more from the battery and end up damaging it.

So, if you plan to get the best vape batteries, check out our selection now. At Gypsy Vapes, you have the option to buy a vape pen e-cigarette as well as vaping batteries separately.

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