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Lithium Rechargeable IMR 26650 Batteries.

IMR 26650

Electronic cigarettes appeared in the world relatively recently. They gained immense popularity and spread worldwide during this time. Vaping is incomplete without vape batteries, so the question arises, where to get these batteries? 

At Gypsy Vapes, you will be able to get a trusted brand 26650 battery that offers a larger capacity. We aim to offer the best Lithium rechargeable batteries for a vape that provides higher amperage. 

What are the standard diameters and length of the 26650 batteries?

Under the accepted designation, the 26650 batteries have a diameter of 26mm and a length of 65mm. Such power supplies are heavier than the 18650 battery formats, but the difference in size is compensated for by capacity, increased service life, and current efficiency. However, you may get different brands such as MXJO, Imren, Efest, and AWT.

How to choose a 26650 battery?

The main criteria when choosing a power source are capacity and current output. If the duration of the vape device's autonomous operation depends on the first parameter, then the current output determines the possibility of delivering the declared power. 26650 batteries meet all these criteria, but it should be borne in mind that a gradual decline in performance characterizes them.

Our preferable advice while choosing a 26650 battery vape from us:

The portability of an electronic cigarette is due to the presence of a power supply. The rate of battery discharge is affected by the power and frequency of use of the vape. 

We remind you that it is not recommended to charge replaceable batteries of any format in the mod itself. You may experience uneven charging, overcharging, or overheating of the power supply. It is best to recharge the batteries via an external charging station, which monitors the charging voltage.

Is the Vape 26650 rechargeable batteries affordable?

Back in the days, only a few people knew about vaping, and it was simply unrealistic to purchase a device. Today a vapor can afford any of the world's novelties to enjoy productive and delicious vaping. But no matter how high-quality and expensive the products are, vaping batteries still fail. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of steaming your favorite liquid, stock up on one more 26650 batteries in advance. In the event of a breakdown, there is no need to purchase a new streaming device. It is enough to change the power supply, and your mod or sub will continue its effective functioning.

Why choose Gypsy Vapes?

You might feel confused about the different batteries available in the market. However, when you choose us, we will help you out and provide the best details. Our trusted brands of 26650 batteries are AWT, MXJO, Imren, and Efest. We also give a guarantee that we provide higher amperage with low mAh ratings

How to order a 26650 vape battery from or site?

At Gypsy Vapes, you will get listed 26650 batteries with their current price tag. You must choose your desired battery and click on add to cart and fill in all the requirements. After that, your order is one step away.

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