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Vaporizer reviews

How To Vape Properly

If you wish to catch up on the current vaping trends, then learning a few basics of vaping might come handily to you. The innovative technological developments, along with some enhanced features in the present-day vaporizers might be a little complicated for the users. 
Production of vapor at a pretty low temperature comes with some advantages. There’s almost no production of tar and other harmful byproducts.
People vape cannabis in many ways, and each option has its accompanying advantages and disadvantages. Whatever you decide to go for is a matter of preference.
Vaping is discrete and more convenient as you can step outside and steal a moment to vape without the annoying scent following you around. 
Getting your technique right can let you have the best of the experience. It can practically help you tread better to subsequent vaping tricks and cloud chasing. For Vaping, you should know about the best reliable brands from where you can get high-quality products.
Here is a rundown on the basics of vaping that will allow you a smooth session. 

Essential Upgrades You Need To Have When Vaping Dry Herb

Essential Upgrades You Need To Have When Vaping Dry Herb
The year 2020 marks the end of an auspicious decade and the start of a promising one for dry herb enthusiasts and lovers. With more U.S. states legalizing marijuana, the market for products that utilize marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes has grown exponentially. The vape market is one among those that have skyrocketing sales over the past years and is seen to grow over the coming years. This is another reason for dry herb lovers to rejoice. Vaping dry herb is a wonderful experience as an avid vaper, you have to find ways to enhance your vaping experience through upgrades.

7 Best Vape Juice Flavors To Try In 2020

7 Best E-Juice Flavors To Try In 2020
Vaping is an art that requires minimal equipment and high levels of proficiency. You need authentic vape tanks and appealing e-liquids to begin your vape journey. Also, try to research about the top flavors to fetch the one that reflects the utmost flavor and essence. You can start with the most common flavors like fruity vape juices and berry-like indulgence. Further, the exotic flavors like kiwi and jackfruit also provide an exciting change to your vaping game. Make sure to check the reviews before you settle with the vape juices to ensure a safe and reliable hit.

Top 5 Festive Vape Juice Flavors

Top 5 Festive Vape Juice Flavors
Looking forward to winter? Neither am I. There’s nothing quite like scraping a full inch of ice off your windshield at 8 o’clock in the morning. Between the sub-zero temperatures, hazardous driving conditions, and 5 pm sunsets, it’s tempting to make like a bear and skip the whole thing.
But winter isn’t all bad. There are skiing and ice skating, for example. There’s also Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and, of course, Festivus. The holidays are objectively good; they allow us to reconnect with family and give us an excuse to overindulge in seasonal vices, whether it’s frosted cut-out cookies or eggnog infused with brandy.

Benefits of Vaping for Senior Citizens

Four Amazing Benefits of Vaping for Senior Citizens
Vaping is in trend nowadays due to its benefits, cool vaping culture, and cost-effectiveness. It's a popular activity among young and old people of every gender.
How does vaping work?
The electronic cigarette or vape pen heats up the e-juices, liquid nicotine or dry herb. This creates an aerosol that is inhaled by the user. These nicotine vapes contain flavors, glycerol, propylene glycol, etc. On the other hand, one can't really know the exhaustive list of contents in concentrates vapes. 

Five Amazing Things To Know About Vaping

Five Amazing Things To Know About Vaping
Are you new to vaping? Or thinking about trying it out, maybe? If you are, then there are a few amazing things that you must know about it. Nowadays vaping is widely used as an alternative to traditional tobacco-based cigarettes. With this, you can use e-cigarettes for vaping e-liquids or dry herbs. With its increasing popularity amongst young and old, the vaping industry is growing at a very high rate.

How To Set Up A Vape Bar For Your Next Party

How To Set Up A Vape Bar For Your Next Party
Celebrations are all about endless fun and late-night parties at your favorite place in the town. Whether it’s your birthday or just another Christmas dinner, there’s no fundamental reason required to party your heart out. For all the vapers out there, parties boasting top-notch vaping and music is a sight to behold. Not only does it provide you the chance to enjoy your favorite e-liquids, but it also provides a much-needed break from the mundane routine. In case you’re the leader in your vape gang, make sure to enlighten the vape buddies with something extra. You can throw a vape party and include some delicious snacks to complete the party vibes. 

Vaping Cannabis vs Vaping Nicotine

Vaping Cannabis vs Vaping Nicotine

There has been a drastic rise in teen vaping across the US over the last few years. The younger generation is getting hooked on vapes due to its appealing flavors and low prices. 

Vaping is inhaling and exhaling vapors through an e-cigarette or other vaping devices. The vapors that result from heating e-liquid containing cannabis or nicotine. Users consider it to be a "healthier" alternative to smoking with less adverse side effects. 

Five Things Will Change The Way You Approach Vape Store

How 5 Things Will Change The Way You Approach Vape Store
Vaping has exploded in popularity over the past decade, especially in Australia, the UK, and the U.S. Many vape brands and vape stores are popping up, making vape products easily accessible. You can just walk down the street to get your favorite e-liquid or simply place an order online. 

Although the studies are ongoing on whether vaping is better than traditional smoking healthwise, it obvious that there are many benefits of vaping. Its convenient, discrete, leaves no bad smell, affordable, and you get to choose from unlimited vape device and ejuice flavor options. 

The Best Vape Pens to Look For in 2020

The Best Vape Pens to Look For in 2020

An increasing number of people want to give up on their nicotine habits and are always searching for suitable alternatives. Popular research from Public Health England suggests that vape pens are 95% safer than nicotine cigarettes. 

Data suggests that about 8% of the average American adult population vapes regularly. In such a scenario, vaping has become the "go-to" substitute. Not only are they stylish, but they are also very reliable. A quality pen and vaporizer elevate the entire experience to a whole other level. As vaping becomes trendy for experienced and novices alike, the need for sophistication is becoming more obvious than ever.

Vaping Myth Buster: Top 5 Myths About Vaping

Vaping Myth Buster: Top 5 Myths About Vaping

With the advent of modernization, people look out for digital renovation more. One such transformation in the urban world is a switch from traditional smoking to vaping. In recent years, vaping is taking over the market due to a variety of reasons. It limits the amount of tar and replaces the toxic gases with nicotine vapors. However, there are many myths associated with vaping and related instruments. Some people believe that vape might cause popcorn lung, while others state it to be more harmful than smoking.

5 Tips for Properly Storing Your Vape Hardware

Many people love vaping. To some, it is a hobby, while to others, it is an excellent way to stay away from harmful tobacco. Buying the finest quality e-liquids along with the latest hardware and other required accessories, cleaning it every day, and maintaining the setup – you follow all the steps to make your vaping experience successful. But all of you forget the vital part – that is, storing the hardware aptly. Isn’t it?
Keep in mind that storing the vape hardware accurately is as important as the other steps to enjoy vaping for a long time. Otherwise, the device will start to fall apart sooner than you think.
If you are new to this field, knowing the components of vaping hardware is crucial. It contains a battery, e-liquids, tank, coil, wick, and charger. The tanks are of three types – atomizer, cartomizer, and clearomizer.

Long Term Effects Of Vaping

Long Term Effects Of Vaping

Vaping is the new normal for many people, especially among the young population. Even though vaping isn't as hazardous as other similar activities, it's still not healthy. Many websites promote vaping as a safer alternative, but the reality is that it can lead to lung damage and other health issues in the long run.

The number of vapers keeps going up every year. Instead of going for proven harmful substances to get a daily dose of nicotine, people have switched to vaporizers. While it might be a little less hazardous, this new trend is becoming a serious threat to public health. Nicotine is a poisonous substance, and an overdose could be lethal, no matter how you get it inside your body.

7 Best Vape Tricks For Ultimate Vaping: From Easiest To Hardest

7 Best Vape Tricks For Ultimate Vaping: From Easiest To Hardest

Vaping has become one of the most popular ways of consuming nicotine or cannabis. It is a simple process that heats your favorite herb’s contents and converts it to vapor. This way, you can inhale the vapor without the elements of combustion. As the popularity of vaping grows, the demand for more convenient vaping devices also increases. Devices such as mesh RDA are designed to fill this gap. This is a type of rebuildable dripping atomizer that can produce vapor with fantastic flavor.
If you are not a pro vaper or have the best device, you may not be able to get excellent vapor and flavor. With experience, vapers come to learn certain tricks that can add fun to their vaping. But you should not worry. Some of these tricks seem complicated but are easy to learn. You will not be perfect at first, but as you continue practicing, you will start vaping like a pro.

Vaping Vs. Smoking: Top 7 Reasons to Choose Vaping

Several people now realize the health hazards of smoking. The primary body organs (the lungs especially) suffer, which shortens the life span. A better alternative is vaping, which is not without its health hazards. 
However, vaping enthusiasts advocate that vaping is not harmful and comes with several benefits. When you consider the mode of operation of both devices, it is easy to understand why vaping is a better alternative.

O2VAPE Flip Ultra Review

After persistently seeing this voguish Flip Ultra device around the vast vaping community, I decided to finally purchase one, and today I want to share everything I discovered while using this contemporary Key FOB style battery from O2 VAPE. The company itself is renowned for its many vaping wonders, so it’s no surprise they are the ones to introduce this patented upgrade to the most advanced 510 key fob vape pen. There are imitators out there, which I have extensively sampled, but the Flip Ultra is special and I will enumerate all the reasons why, from the device statistics to my direct user experience.

Give Me 10 Minutes, and I’ll Give You the Truth About E-Juice Flavors!

It’s been almost a century since tobacco companies started adding flavorings to make smoking cigarettes a more pleasant experience. The original flavor was menthol, and even today, menthol cigarettes account for over 36% of all cigarette sales in the US.

Vape Expos: Explained

With the rise of modern ways of consuming the natural substance, users from all around the world have adapted to new techniques. Since smoking is not unique to people and has been in the trade for a very long time, it has started to hit a decline. That’s because of the rise of a much safer option - vaping. Such an opportunity safeguards you from the effects of combustion and lets you enjoy the benefits of your e-liquids. Moreover, there are minimal public limitations of vaping. As a result, you wouldn’t be subjected to pay a fine by vaping in public areas.

How To Get The Perfect Throat Hit When Vaping?

For many people vaping is all about that sweet throat hit. Right, many vapers like to create that large cloud when they exhale, but you would be surprised how many of them like that throat hit. You might like it without even knowing it. 

A Complete Guide On Vaping Kratom for Beginners

The ancient, pain-relieving herb Kratom has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia for its calming and relaxing properties. Kratom can help you with depression symptoms, ease the pain, and create a sense of overall well-being. There are even studies that show it could help with opioid addiction.
One of the most common ways to consume Kratom is by brewing yourself some tea, chewing Kratom leaves, or taking Bulk Kratom capsules.
But one of the fastest ways to start experiencing Kratom effects is by vaping, so stick to this article to get the full beginner’s guide on vaping Kratom.

Seven Gifts Better Than Roses for Vaper's Birthday

Birthdays are always special. Besides love and blessings, everybody wants a gift that can make the day memorable. Isn't it? So, are you looking for the coolest gift better than a bunch of roses? Are you attending a vaper’s birthday party? Well, stop scratching your head as many products are available to hit the bull’s eye!
Gift shopping for vapers is not a troublesome scavenger search anymore. Ditch the roses and generic aromatic candles. Instead, choose cool vaping-related presents that are innovative, suit their interests and style.

5 Reasons Why Menthol Vape Juices Are The Tastiest E-Liquids

Menthol is a widely known flavor that can be found in foods, sweets, and cigarettes. Menthol cigarettes marked an important milestone in the tobacco world. It was the first time that cigarettes had a taste that significantly changed their flavor. 

The result was brilliant – people loved menthol cigs. Even when the whole smoking trend slowly diminished, a lot of people continued smoking menthol cigarettes. There are also options without nicotine that have menthol, and people still love them. 

With these things in mind, it’s no surprise that there are best menthol e-Juices. They are one of the most popular flavor types at the moment. Here’s why their taste is so good. 

7 Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Vaporizer Battery

Vaping devices, with the exception of disposable e-cigs, use rechargeable batteries. The goal of this technology is to provide users with convenience. But this may not be the case if you don’t take care of the battery. Once damaged, its life shortens. This doesn’t just interfere with your vaping experience, it means incurring costs purchasing new batteries. 

Kratom Vape Juice: All You Need To Know

If you have tried vaping dry herbs, then you will understand the significant improvement in experience as compared to smoking. While vaping the leaves is a wonderful experience, using vape liquids makes the entire process smooth and enjoyable. The new health trend in the market is Kratom, and the compound is rapidly spreading in the west. Although powered Kratom is the most common form of consumption known so far, the elevating interest among users has triggered businesses to give innovative makeovers to introduce a wide range of beneficial Kratom products. Kratom vape juices are one such product that aims to blend vibrant flavors with the many benefits of the plant to present a wonderful product to the users. If you are interested in trying out Kratom vape juice, then here is something you can explore about the product.

10 Facts That Everyone Gets Wrong About E-Liquid

 Vaping is a practice that has taken over the cannabis industry in an unprecedented way. Its rapid development opens up a broader discussion that now extends to the health of users and that of people nearby, or second-hand vapers. 

The safety of vaping products and, in particular, E-liquids have also been subjected to scrutiny. In general, there exist several myths, rumors, and outright lies regarding vaping. A lot of information is also out rightly twisted to serve specific purposes.

How to take care of your vape coil?

Vaping is one of the most common ways of using CBD products. The method gained popularity after people realized its various benefits compared to other modes of cannabis consumption. This includes its ability to deliver multiple flavors and give out soft hits. You should, however, know that along with getting the best quality vape products from top sellers at knowing a vaporizer also comes with some responsibilities. Without fulfilling those responsibilities, you will end up having fewer quality hits, and your device will not last long enough. The number one responsibility is that you should take care of your vape coil. This is the only way to make sure your vaporizer functions optimally. But then, what is a vape coil, and what does it do? 

How To Overcome Methadone Addiction With Kratom?

The opioid epidemic is one of the most pressing problems for federal organizations across the world. Statistics suggest that over 130 people die every day in the United States of America due to opioid overdose. In many cases, these are simple medications such as sleeping pills, depression, or anxiety medication. But sometimes they are synthetic drugs such as heroin and fentanyl. The treatment and rehabilitation process of opioid addiction alone costs over $78.5 billion per year in the country.

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Tips for treating chronic pains and getting a mellow vibe from it

The most excruciating health conditions are those that bring about chronic pain. That is because they make it hard for you to go about your daily life. You get to spend your nights in agony, and that leaves you depressed, stressed, and unable to cope up. The only way to put an end to such a problem is by finding something that will not only subside the pain but also leave you relaxed and feeling incredibly well. Lucky for you, there are various ways through which you can treat chronic pain and also get that mellow feeling. Some of the tips include:

What Makes Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer Different from Other Vapes?

What Makes Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer Different from Other Vapes?

The first classic Volcano Vaporizer from Storz and Bickel entered the market officially nearly 20 years ago. In all that nineteen years, Storz and Bickel have stayed on a steady rise and brought to the world a premium vaporizer: The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer.

Vaping vs. Smoking Pot: Which is Better for You?

Most people dive into vaping or smoking pot for pleasure, treatment, or therapeutic relief. Regardless of your reasons, the benefits may come at a risk where you may compromise your health or safety. The debate on vaping vs smoking has become a never-ending debate. To help end this dilemma, we look at the differences and benefits that set them apart.
Over the recent past years, vaping or vaporizing has gained a lot of popularity. Vaping primarily refers to the heating of cannabis while being careful not to burn it. Applying heat to cannabis activates ingredients and turns them into vapour which is inhaled as a fine mist through the vaporizing device.

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Where can you get vape components?

Where can you get Vape components?
If you take a look at the vaping industry, then you can see that there is a considerable rise in it. All these are happenings as there are many reports where it considered tobacco smoking is more harmful than vaping. 
Due to all these things, it has now been seen that almost all age group people choosing Vape. Vaping is now being considered as the alternative to smoking. The craze for the vaping device is such that it is increasing every year, and more and more people are going for it. It has also been seen that you can go for the vaping starter kits, too, which shows how good it is to go for it. 

What will happen when I will find out fake? Not that much anyway. Common scenario is such – you buy some brand name vaping product. Then you scratch the surface and finding out the code, then you will find out that you have fake. And what is next? You probably trying to contact real manufacturer, but they can’t really help you cause it’s fake and not their own product. Then you for sure go back to initial place of selling. If you made online order your seller may really have no idea why they are selling clone of the product. You for sure need to do something, but little chance to change ..
Fake e-cigs, guide about how to avoid them Things like fake electronic cigarettes are basically everywhere. There is no backup if you have already been rip offed by some clone of of vapor product. Do you really see that coming or not? There is not sweet dream for you in that case anyway no matter how you look at it. You best will be guarded by caution and suspicion. If you are looking at something which is too good to be true be sure it will be like that. Don’t allow that con artists from our vape scene infiltrate our vape industry even more by making you their next victim. Buyer beware ..
The A To Z About Vaping - All You Needed To Know           Image - Pixabay   Vaping involves inhaling and exhaling of e-cigarettes. The vape contains aerosol particles as the end product, unlike tobacco that releases smoke.   Vaping has become popular because of the large-scale production and low exposure to health risks. The validation of vaping products by the FDA has also increased the usage of the products.   You can choose to design your vaping product, or you can buy them from trusted dealers. T..
Vaping vs Danking Our mainstream United States media along with some radical officials from public simply looking for some vendetta over whole vaping industry. They call vaping equals electronic cigarette with THC oil and it make new laws because of such people simply get back too much more danger of smoking then visiting vape shops who are out of business now. CDC gave simply wrong warnings to the public which make the whole hysteria possible. Sure, black-market have this THC cartridges which are dangerous. That’s the whole story right. Vaping has suffered a lot on its image. For sure t..
The Guide on the Vape Battery

Vaping is a fascinating trend that is catching up rapidly across the world. Smoking on the go with such ease has led to the rise in popularity of vape pens. There are tons of varieties of vape pens and vaporizers in different shapes, sizes, capacities, and features available in the marketplace today. The technology is new to most users, and hence, understanding the system helps ensure a happy and smooth experience.

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Seven non-obvious signs of your kid are in vaping We will list some researched signs of your teenager might be vaping secretly from you. Some mysterious aroma Electronic cigarettes usually don’t small as bad as their tobacco analogue. Most e-juices usually smell good like something candy, vanilla, mint and some fruits. So, if you catch that smell, but you know they aren’t at home – it’s a sign. Some strange gadgets. Vaporizers comes in various forms. They may look like cigarettes; they may look like boxes. Most common ones look like pens and indeed called vape pens..
Parenting and vaping guide It’s huge responsibility to be a parent, but also a big pleasure. One of your main goals as a parent is to prevent your child access to tobacco, alcohol and drugs and other bad things. It’s not easy to be a parent. When your child come to this world, it doesn’t have any manual with it, and they do not have something like stop button or some other buttons. I for sure look for those. All they come with is something like physical and emotional needs, which you as a parent must need to provide. Failure to make so you can have some crazy effects. For example, you..
Vaping and popcorn lung connected with each other? We constantly discussing vaping, but not enough scientific studies being done on that subject. You may see is that laws about vaping constantly popping up without any deep research being done prior to that. There are many assumptions about vaping in the last recent years. Scientific journal Environmental Health Perspectives made the research that already known disease “popcorn lung” was present because of very dangerous chemicals which is located in many electronic cigarettes in vaping pens. They tested more than 50 cigarettes and pens and ..
How to Use a Vape Pen with Oil, Wax, E-Juice & Dry Herb
How to Use a Vape Pen with Oil, Wax, E-Juice & Dry Herb  Vape pens are becoming more popular in the cannabis industry since people use them to consume CBD/THC oils, wax, dry herb, and e-juice. Vape pens are relatively new, and they come in different models to suit the needs of users. Presently, more people are using vape pens to quit smoking since they do not expose a user to health risks. Research shows that long-term use of e-cigarette is unlikely to cause significant health concerns.   They are electronic devices that heat substances to produce vapor. Luckily..
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Every day waiting become more and more social process because more and more people discovering for themselves benefits of some alternative to smoking. As usual at first impression people do not know what to think about all this. Are these safe things? What about usual smoking? Will it be public allowed? In today’s society there is a lot of safety regulations for these devices and strict laws made vaping what it is today honestly. But just like any new products way past of all into something safer and you can freely vape your favorite juices. Today in the market there are dozens of companies..
With RDA or/and RTA will be there some improvement in vaping? I would say both of these can suite only fanatic individuals who have a lot of time in their hands to build all that coils. It still could be a decent choice for general public, but for better vaping there is no need in any of them. No, they do not mean better vaping. There are already better vape tanks by itself which can produce sub ohm big vape clouds without any problems. Simple action with replacement coil then fills that tank and simply be ready to vape. You do not need to build that coils for better vaping. There are..
What is an RDA and RTA, should we notice a difference if any? Will listed above are very good questions and we need answers to them. For sure both of these things are used for vaping. I assume there is a need for some solid background information at first. Both RTA’s and RDA’s atomizer things. Just like any device which connects the vape mode battery and converting vape juice into vapor. It’s being done from the following components: 1. Drip tip 2. Atomizer deck 3. Tank or housing. 4. Wick 5. Atomizer base 6. 510 connection 7. Vape coil any RDA or RTA you may find will be made of these t..
How to go for a perfect vape starter kit?

Vaping is now the latest trend in the modern world, and it has also been considered as the alternative to smoking. As per a survey, it too said that vaping is less dangerous than any other tobacco

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How to Extend the Life of a Vaporizer or Vape Battery

How to Extend the Life of a Vaporizer Battery

Since the inception of the first device that uses a battery to function, consumers have not gotten enough of the life-span of their cells. However, thanks to the invention of lithium-ion batteries; consumers can now enjoy an extended battery life compared with traditional ones. Vapes, commonly known as e-cigarettes, use batteries for their functioning. Although modern vaporizers use lithium-ion batteries, it is still essential to apply relevant precautions to extend their lifetime. Here is an overview of how to extend the life of a vaporizer battery.

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Vapmod Magic Touch - 510 Cartridge Vaporizer

Vape In Style With The Trendy Vapmod Magic Touch Vape
If you search the market for the best quality vapes, you are sure to come across the Vapmod Magic Touch vape. Designed in a manner which makes it suitable for cartridges and with a rechargeable battery of 380mAh, this vape is extremely compact. The body of the vape is made of zinc alloy, which makes it extremely robust and durable.

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The Benefits Of Vaping For Older Smokers

Over 16 million Americans are living with a smoking-related disease. Although people from all age groups smoke, 70% of all deaths related to smoking happen to people over 60, CDC statistics reveal. That means the consequences of smoking (cancer, lung damage, heart disease, and overall poor health) are most felt by the elderly. In order to reduce their tobacco intake and/or quit smoking altogether, many older people are now turning to vaping instead. 

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Make the Switch to Vaping: Help Your Wallet and Your Health “If it wasn’t for vaping, I would have died from smoking cigarettes. Vaping has given me the opportunity to live longer and enjoy my children,” reads a testimonial of a former smoker reported by the American Vaping Association. While some confuse the differences between cigarettes and vaping, many life-long addicted smokers have found refuge and relief by making the switch to the new e-cigarettes which have taken the country by storm. E-cigarette vape pens not only act as a solution to quit your smoking addiction, but the..
Squonking guide Before we continue all potential squonkers needs to know about this already it’s type of vaping where you install and build your own made coils. If you want more deeper vaping but don’t want to deal with that there are already some other methods. Gypsy Vapes have several kits sub ohm mod ones which give you lot of vapor and flavor. You don’t really need that article to enjoy vaping as it is. But if you really want to try then there is some learning ahead about how to make your own coils and squonking guide;) To get with all this you really need to get correct equip..
If you are completely new to vaping, you may have heard that very strange world among other vaping friends or at your local vape shop. Yes, you are correct – squonking. Sounds very funny! So, what it really means? To explain in simple words, it’s some sort of vaping with use of bottom feeding RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer, in case if you are total newb) and a squonk mod. Have you understood anything? I bet no, but we’ll cover the topic and will show all needed pictures and will make it clear, every definition here. As well as there will be some squonking guide for starters in case some of our read..
Let’s start with the fact that vaping and smoking are two different things. Lot of vaping skeptics and simply totally uninformed people trying to equal both these phenomena. They are completely different.  The whole processes differ. Result of fire is smoking. Result of vaping is vaporization. Yet ordinary people still see both these things as equal, probably by somewhat related appearance of the whole process. Once the again they are totally different, I know you are tired of reading this, but just to be sure. I can see where it’s coming that many people make associates like that – va..
Nicotine and e-juice Like we already stated in part 1 nicotine used in e-liquids are extracted from plants of tobacco. Nicotine as you may know from usual cigarettes are quite addictive;) Nicotine for e-juices are being made only for adult persons. Gypsy Vapes using latest age verification tool on our website to check that if we are not selling vaping to teens. We understand all risks nicotine have with itself and though it’s not like that which you may find in usual cigs, but it’s not be used for kids or moms who waiting for baby. It’s still stimulant, nonetheless. But recently new type..
So, let’s start with definition. What itself is e-liquid? Before answering that I want to state that when you see e-liquid, e-juice or vape juice it’s all same things but under different names. Back to topic – it’s a liquid which turns by some e-cig device to vapor. There are many types of e-liquids. Cause lot of vaping types require lot of vaping juice. Additionally, we will talk about how it’s made, whole process. Vaping is booming industry. First e-liquids which used in e-cigs where contained in special e-cig cartridges. With evolution of vaping devices e-liquids becomes their own thing ..
What exactly is Nicotine Salts Vaping industry constantly changing, every time it brings some innovation. Some are fails but some do stick around. Things like sub ohm vaping still present as trend as well as squonk combined with RDA still there. It’s hard to make a difference between real event as innovation and marketing propaganda sometime but let me tell you proven fact – nicotine salts seem to be real story! The whole concept seems unreal, but the hype is real so let’s try to discover it deeper. We need to thank JUUL for that, they did ton of marketing for all that having strongest s..
In the box To be frank – very nice package from the first view. Let’s open it up to see what’s inside of it. So, it has 3 things in it – 1) Actual Myle Pod system 2) USB charger 3) User manual. It’s also comes with one-year warranty. And have extended battery life. As well as so called anti-leak technology. There are also several colors you can buy. Most common – gun metal and midnight black. Other are hot red and royal blue and rose gold. I do not like few things about the charger, I am telling that right now. But later about it. So, this Myle system has blue light in it when you ..
Benefits of Pod systems The very first vapes were done to look like usual cigarettes. That would totally make sense as they were designed to help people quit smoking or at least reduce it. It didn’t take long for companies and people itself to begin changing their devices with bigger batteries, new shapes and larger tanks for juice. Very early types of vaping hardware It’s all starts in 2005 in China, first commercial e-cig. It was done with the help of ultrasonic atomizer to turn propylene glycol to vapor with nicotine in mix of course. Next big thing in vaping world happened in UK, ..
Airis Herbva X - Review

The Airis Herbva X 3-in1 is easy to use and extremely portable vaporizer for dry herbs, wax and concentrates.

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Airis Mystica II Concentrates Vaporizer - Review

The Airis Mystica II is a portable and stealthy device for use with refillable herbal concentrate cartridges. 

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Airis Tick Oil Vaporizer - Review

The Airis Tick is the most discreet portable vape battery for 510-cartridges. The Airis Tick is designed for use with  vape  cartridges that are equipped with a 510-thread.

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Smok Novo AIO Pod Kit - Review

The Smok Novo is not your typical nic salt pod mod, with a 450mAh built-in USB rechargeable battery, it’s impressively lightweight, portable and yet feels solid and durable. 

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