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1mL Cartridge

1mL Cartridge

1mL Cartridge

These vape cartridges are popularly known for holding up to 1mL of low-viscosity oil and possessing a 510-thread connection. Usually, the 1mL vape cartridge perfectly matches all 510 vape pens. Moreover, the 1mL vape cartridge features an integrated ceramic heating element with four filler intakes. Due to the increased capacity and ceramic heating element, such cartridges as the GV TH210 are more convenient, providing high durability and flavor.


The appearance of cartridges, in general, may interest a lot of users. The GV TH210 1mL cartridge is portable, as it possesses the following dimensions: 63mm in height and 10mm in diameter. Moreover, it is also lightweight, thanks to its mass of just 10 grams. The top side of it holds a removable mouthpiece with a screw-in connection. The bottom side employs a 510 thread for the link to the battery. The low-viscosity oils and concentrates are stored in the interior of the transparent glass case with a capacity of up to 1mL, as is observable from the name.

Voltage & Resistance Information

This 1mL cartridge can match nearly all vape pen devices and is compatible with a 510-thread connection, as mentioned above. Furthermore, the resistance of the heating element usually matches 1.25Ω-1.45Ω. On the other hand, the recommended voltage is 3.5V-4.0 volts. Therefore, the GV TH210 1mL cartridge enables a tasteful flavor in compatibility with a vape pen with a variable voltage feature, such as GV Max.


Generally, not all vape lovers know when small puffs are taken daily, so vape cartridges of 1mL capacity will last almost a year. On the other hand, if the user is heavier, taking 10-15 more giant puffs daily will last the 1mL cartridge for a few weeks. Additionally, more giant puffs are typically less efficient [as expected]. This means that some vapor is wasted in the process.

How Many Puffs?

How many puffs a 1mL cartridge can take is a pretty popular question. The answer for the GV TH210 1mL cartridge is 200 to 300 puffs, but this depends, of course, on the strength of the user's inhale. Moreover, it can rely on the voltage of the battery set. The lower the voltage, the more puffs the user can get.


For the correct maintenance of a cartridge, some advice is needed. Before threading the cartridge into the battery, it is recommended to check if there is no sand or dust on the thread. Also, do not try disassembling or filling the cartridge with the suspected liquids. The cartridge must be changed when it enables dry or empty puffs. In addition, a 1mL vape cartridge is a solid accessory that should be recycled after usage. Finally, do not use the damaged cartridge, which can lead to filler leakage.


In summary, a 1mL cartridge practically matches all vape pen devices and is compatible with a 510-thread connection, making it a perfect option for everyone, even for a novice. But even for the best options, some warnings and bits of advice must be taken seriously.

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