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Airis Mega Vape Pod Review

Airis Mega Vape Pod

The Airis Mega vape pod is one of the newest and most technologically advanced pod systems available to vapers in 2023. Each puff draws satisfying, dense vapor that rivals much larger mods. Airis Mega also offers unmatched flavor variety with cross-compatibility with LUX pods in a diverse range of nicotine strengths and juice flavors. New Airis Mega is an excellent choice worth considering.

Airis Mega Vape Pod Appearance

The Airis Mega Vape Pod has an ultra-thin, lightweight, and portable design. It measures just 100mm tall, making it easy to hold and use. The width is an incredibly compact 13mm, allowing the device to slip into and out of pockets or bags easily. Despite its small size, the Airis Mega Vape Pod feels sturdy and durable thanks to its high-quality zinc alloy construction. It has a sleek, all-black color scheme without any unnecessary buttons, switches, or screens that would add bulk. The only accents are a small LED battery life indicator and the metallic pods, which magnetically snap into place. The subtle and streamlined appearance of the Airis Mega Vape Pod is truly unique for a pod vape system.

Airis Mega Disposable Vape Performance

Despite its small and portable size, the Airis Mega disposable vape delivers surprisingly impressive vapor production and flavor. The innovative coil system and generous 25W power output make this high performance possible. Each puff draws dense, satisfying vapor out of the removable LUX pods. The vapor production is on par with many mod vaping systems, which is highly impressive for a slim pod device like the Airis Mega disposable vape. Flavor reproduction is also excellent and nuanced thanks to the ceramic coil technology and careful temperature control within the device. The hit is smooth but still packs a punch. Many vapers have been amazed by the robust performance packed into the Airis Mega disposable vape's compact body. The performance exceeds expectations between the substantial vapor clouds and accurate flavor profiles.

Battery Capacity of the Airis Mega Vape Pod

The Airis Mega Vape Pod packs a 1000mAh battery into its slim, portable frame. This high battery capacity is remarkable for a device of this size and allows for extraordinary runtime between charges. While most other pod vapes require charging multiple times per day, the Airis Mega Vape Pod can easily last all day with heavy use. Even with extended vaping sessions, users will get several hours of use before recharging. The long-lasting battery ensures you can rely on the Airis Mega Vape Pod for all-day vaping needs. When it finally does need juicing up, the battery fully recharges in under an hour thanks to the rapid Type-C USB charging. The robust 1000mAh battery allows you to vape liberally without worrying about your charge level. Overall, the battery life and capacity are significant advantages of the Airis Mega Vape Pod system.

Airis Mega Flavors

One of the Airis Megs flavor's most significant assets is the variety of flavors available in the removable LUX pods. 

  • Many options of Airis Mega flavors include Blueberry Ice, Banana Ice, Lush Ice, and Cool Mint.
  • Fruity flavors include Blue Razz, Strawberry Watermelon, Grape Soda, Strawberry Banana, Guava Mango, Strawberry Kiwi, Airis Mega Mamba, and Sour Apple Kiwi.
  • For dessert lovers, there's Strawberry Ice Cream and Bubble Gum options. 

Airis Mega Vape Pod Colors

The Airis Mega vape pod comes in a range of stylish and modern color options for the battery section. 

  • The red option has a fiery, vibrant look and catchy eyes with its glossy finish.
  • The blue version is an eye-catching electric shade that pops.
  • A regal purple colorway is also available for those who want a majestic royal color.
  • The silver version has a sleek metallic look. 

Airis Mega Vape Pod Review

Beyond the battery section, the removable LUX pods also come in tinted colors like orange, green, or yellow to either match or contrast with the battery portion. This range of color customization allows vapers to personalize the look of their Airis mega vape pod device or switch colors between pods. It offers style and flair that differentiates it from more generic vape devices. 

Charging Matters of the Airis Mega Disposable Vape

Airis Mega Disposable Vape aims to minimize charging hassles thanks to its long-lasting 1000mAh battery. This robust battery life means less time tethered to an outlet juicing your device. The Airis Mega Disposable Vape can handle even heavy all-day vaping on a single charge. And when it comes time to recharge, the Type-C USB port provides a rapid charging experience. Rather than hours of charging, the battery can reach a full charge in under 60 minutes. 

Cartridge Compatibility of the Airis Mega

The Airis Mega uses removable and refillable LUX juice pods to deliver flavor and nicotine. These metallic pods magnetically snap into place, making them quick and easy to switch out when changing tastes. The LUX pods come in a wide range of nicotine strengths from 0mg to 50mg salt nic, so you can find the perfect throat hit and buzz for your needs. This flexibility with nicotine levels is a significant advantage of the pod system. But the benefits don't stop there - the LUX pods are also available in various flavor profiles. Everything from excellent minty vapes to fruity mango flavors and more can be enjoyed thanks to cross-compatibility with the LUX pod lineup. The ability to customize your experience with different nicotine strengths and tastes makes the Airis Mega versatile and user-friendly.

Features of the Airis Mega Vape Pod


Pod Capacity: 2mL

Coil Type: Kanthal 

Resistance: 1.2Ω

Wattage Output: 25W

Draw Activation

Battery Capacity: 1000mAh 

Battery Life: 300+ Cycles

Voltage Output: 3.2-4.2V

Charging Port: USB Type-C

Charging Time: ~60 Minutes 

Protection Systems: Overcharge, Over-discharge, Short Circuit 

Light Indicator: Battery Level [LED]

Pod Connection: Magnetic 

Pod Material: PCTG Plastic 

Pod Filling: Push-to-Fill

Airflow Control: Non-Adjustable

Dimensions: 100mm x 13mm x 10mm 

Weight: 35g

Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Silver

Airis Mega Disposable Vape Pod Includes

1x Airis Mega Disposable Vape Pod

Airis Mega Instructions

  • Charging - Fully charge the battery before first use by plugging the USB-C cable into the charging port on the bottom of the device. Charge time is around 60 minutes. 
  • Pod Installation - Insert a LUX pod into the pod bay. The pods snap securely into place magnetically. Make sure it is properly aligned.
  • Power On - There is no power button. Take a puff to activate the automatic draw system. The LED light will indicate the battery level.
  • Vaping - Hold the pod to your mouth and take smooth, even puffs. The Airis Mega has no adjustable airflow or settings.
  • Pod Removal - To remove a pod, pull it out of the bay using the tab on the side. 
  • Pod Replacement - When the vapor production declines or the flavor tastes burnt, remove the old pod and insert a new one. 
  • Battery Level - The LED light will flash red when the battery is low. Fully recharge when this happens.
  • Care Tips - Only use Airis LUX pods. Keep the device and pods away from extreme heat and liquids. Do not overtighten the pods. 
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