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Vaping Kits: A Complete Beginners Guide

Vaping Kits: A Complete Beginners Guide


Are you considering becoming a vaper and thinking about buying a vape for the first time? Well, you’re not alone. Recent research points to a general increase in the number of vapers globally

However, there are several things to know before joining the bustling vaping community. And if you’re a beginner with no prior exposure to vape devices, there’s a whole lot of information to familiarize yourself with before taking your first puff.

Read on to uncover the basic accessories and attachments that every vaper needs for an ecstatic vaping experience. 

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First Things First, What Is Vaping?

Vaping refers to the process where a person (a vaper) inhales the vapor produced due to heating a special liquid (vape juice) inside a unique device called a vaporizer. A vaporizer is also known as an e-cig or vape device, whereas vape juice is also known as vape oil, e-juice, or e-liquid. You can also vape herbs. Vaping cannabis has been the biggest trend in these past few years. One can also vape kratom, which is another herb with potential therapeutic benefits.

As you shall find, vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes. These devices primarily differ in their design and functionality. 

There are hundreds of vape retailers out there offering plenty of vape accessories. You’ll only need to identify a reputable supplier, then proceed to buy vape box mods kits, atomizer, or other vape attachments. 

Similarly, there are different types of vape juices, depending on the active ingredients in the liquid. As you become a seasoned vaper, you’ll also realize that there are more substances you can vape other than vape juices, including wax concentrates and dry herbs.  

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Components of a Vaporizer

The term ‘vaporizer’ doesn’t denote a single item. Instead, it’s a unit that comprises several attachments. 

It's essential to understand the role that each of these components plays. That's because there will be numerous occasions when you have to buy an accessory instead of buying the complete unit.  

The following are the four major components of a vaporizer;

  1. Vape tank

A vape tank refers to the reservoir tank that holds your e-juice in place. Besides holding the e-juice, a vape tank also houses the wicks. The design of most vaporizers is such that the tank rests at the bottom of the device. 

  1. Atomizer

Often referred to as the heating chamber, the atomizer is a term for the part of the vaporizer that converts vape oil into vapor. It’s usually the part that houses the coils.

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Vape coils


  1. Battery

The battery is simply the component that powers your e-cig.

  1. Drip tip

Also known as the mouthpiece, the drip tip is the part of a vaporizer that you suck into to draw air from the device into your lungs.

Knowing which part does what is not enough. You should also understand how to choose each of these components, especially with regard to material and durability. 

Experts recommend Grade-1 titanium when choosing the atomizer or vape tank. That’s because titanium is highly resistant to corrosion, hence fairly durable. 

When it comes to the mouthpiece, insist on those made from glass. Avoid rubber and plastic as these may melt or warp easily. Similarly, avoid metallic mouthpieces. Since metal conducts heat pretty well, metallic drip tips might burn your mouth, especially when vaping at high temperatures.  

And as for the wicking material, your best bet is to go for cotton. 

Types of Vaporizers

Vape devices have undergone a remarkable evolution since the Chinese pharmacist invented the first modern e-cig in 2003. So far, there are five major types of e-cigs, namely;

  1. Cigalikes

Cigalikes are pretty much first-generation vaporizers. True to their names, these e-cigs resemble a traditional cigarette. Most cigalikes are designed with a self-contained battery and a small, pre-filled vape tank. 

Some cigalikes come with the vape tank already integrated into the system, whereas others require you to attach the tank manually before every vaping session. Another defining feature of cigalikes is that these devices are mostly disposable.

  1. Vape pens

Vape pens are slender e-cigs that resemble the marker pen, hence the moniker. Some manufacturers also call them pod vapes. Vape pens are ideal for on-the-go vapers. 

However, these devices come with minimal customization features. And due to their small and slender design, most vape pens come with a tiny tank that requires frequent refilling. 

  1. Pod Mods

Pod mods are the immediate modification of vape pens. They’re characterized by their small and lightweight design, as well as a built-in battery and a detachable pod. 

Pod mods offer a more intense vaping experience, thanks to their ability to carry flavors. That makes them ideal for seasoned vapers. Plus, they’re also available in numerous sizes and modifications.

  1. Vape Mods

Vape mods are the most popular vape devices. Some of their standout features include their stylish designs, ease of use, and variety. 

Being the most popular type of vaporizer, you can find a pod mod in virtually any shape, size, or color.

  1. Box Mods

Also known as advanced personal vaporizers (APV), box mods come with a slew of features that you'd want in an ideal e-cig, including variable wattage and adjustable voltage. 

Box mods are also less abundant than the other vape devices we've reviewed, making them relatively expensive.


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Small and compact vape devices

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There goes our definitive guide on the significant parts and types of vape juice that every beginner must know. Remember that each of the above-reviewed items will vary in design, functionality, and even cost. So, it's essential to identify a trusted supplier for all your vape accessories. 

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