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7 Best Vape Juice Flavors To Try In 2020

7 Best Vape Juice Flavors To Try In 2020

Vaping is an art that requires minimal equipment and high levels of proficiency. You need authentic vape tanks and appealing e-liquids to begin your vape journey. Also, try to research the top flavors to fetch the one that reflects the utmost flavor and essence. You can start with the most common flavors like fruity vape juices and berry-like indulgence. Further, exotic flavors like kiwi and jackfruit also provide an exciting change to your vaping game. Make sure to check the reviews before you settle with the vape juices to ensure a safe and reliable hit. We already made an article about the best vape pen to look for in 2020, so here are the top e-juice flavors you must include in your list to enhance the appeal and tasting notes.


1) Menthol 


Do you like the mint-filled cool essence of the menthol-flavored beverages and mocktails? If yes, then you must try out the menthol e-juices available in the market. You don’t need to dwell on the menthol feels when it comes to vape juices. Dig deeper into the menthol variants and find the sub-categories of e-liquids that possess another rich ingredient. Along with this, different combinations like menthol chocolate, fruity menthol, and candy menthol are likely to allure your taste buds in no time. Make sure to find the authentic vape juice that satiates your vape cravings via the high-quality vape juice flavors.


2) Coffee 

Every person likes to start the morning amidst nature with a cup of hot coffee and delicious snacks. You can always go for the coffee flavors if you like to enjoy the creamy and bitter cappuccinos. Also, it satiates the vape pangs of every coffee connoisseur who adores the coffee flavors in almost every foodstuff. What adds to the appeal are the combinations that come with the coffee vape juice variants. You must try them all, from the rich blend of vanilla coffee flavors to the tasting notes of latte e-liquids. Also, try to go through the reviews by regular vapers to understand the tasting notes better.


3) Tobacco 


For all the people who are about to give up the traditional inhalation methods, the tobacco flavor can be a savior. You get to enjoy the real feel of using tobacco-infused e-liquids now and then. Also, you might consider versatile tobacco flavors like spicy and cigar variants to fulfill your cravings. Not to forget, it also helps in tolerating the withdrawal symptoms and boosts your vaping experience without any hassles. With the tobacco e-liquids, you can enjoy the flavors without any residual smell or flavors on your clothes. 


4) Dessert 

Are you fond of yogurt or chocolate mousse cakes way more than others? Or, do you often check out the dessert menu to satisfy your sweet tooth in a versatile manner? There’s always room for desserts and appealing sweet dishes in your tummy. The same applies to the commendable e-liquid flavors and vape juice variants. All you need to do is make a list of your favorite desserts and find the reliable flavors that align with them. That way, you can enjoy attractive flavors like cakes, cinnamon, and ice cream sandwiches during your vape sessions as well. You are likely to save some extra bucks and calories by spending money on dessert-flavored e-liquids than the actual desserts at the restaurants.


5) Fruity

One of the most popular types of e-liquid flavors is the fruity indulgence of vape juices. Every fruit-lover can find suitable flavors with minimal hassles and research. Along with this, you can find rare fruit flavors like jackfruit, kiwi, and passion fruit as well to gratify your senses. All you need to do is ask for your favorite fruity e-liquid and enjoy the vape sessions with. Another trick is to pair up the consumption of fruits with the vape juices of a similar flavor. Go ahead and indulge your taste buds in the sweet yet savory appeal of fruit-infused vape juices. 


6) Beverage 


There are times when you crave a cup of hot chocolate but cannot get your hands on one. That’s when the beverage-flavored e-liquids come to your rescue with the perfect aroma and taste. You are likely to come across e-liquids that radiate the essence of mocktails and other alcoholic beverages. Not only does it provide the right medium to enjoy vaping, but it also silences your cravings for particular beverages. Some popular beverage-infused e-liquid to try are milkshakes, colas, punches, and cocktails. Along with this, make sure to start with your favorite beverages first for an instant right mood.


7) Candy 

Another sweet indulgence with the aromatic flavors is the candy-flavored vape juices that allure your taste buds. Embark upon the journey to find the best e-liquid flavor that satiates your love for candies and gummies. You can get your hands on the authentic candy-flavored e-liquids and take the vaping game to the next level. Some popular candy flavors are raises, chocolate, bar, and cotton candy. Also, you might search for your favorite candy and find suitable e-liquids to gratify your vaping pangs. Some decide to submit a guest post to share their experiences.


Final Verdict 

Vape juices are the most essential part of a vaper’s must-have list. You need to upgrade your e-liquids space with the new and highly-rated ones for the utmost gratification. Also, you can come across a variety of flavors like desserts, candies, and tobacco. In case you’re about to give up on addictive patterns, then tobacco variants might be of help. Make sure to research the flavors before you settle with the right one. Also, you can read our same article about five weird vape flavors.

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