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The Best Vape Pens to Look For in 2020

The Best Vape Pens to Look For in 2020


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An increasing number of people want to give up on their nicotine habits and are always searching for suitable alternatives. Popular research from Public Health England suggests that vape pens are 95% safer than nicotine cigarettes. 


Data suggests that about 8% of the average American adult population vapes regularly. In such a scenario, vaping has become the "go-to" substitute. Not only are they stylish, but they are also very reliable. A quality pen and vaporizer elevate the entire experience to a whole other level. As vaping becomes trendy for experienced and novices alike, the need for sophistication is becoming more obvious than ever.


Most pens are making a name for themselves with sophisticated technology and innovations blending with an evolving style. Therefore, devices are becoming more portable and powerful every day. The best vape pens this year boast great performance combined with amazing style and durability. With a few adjustable features such as voltage and temperature, these devices can be extremely user-friendly and hard-hitting at the same time. For those who want to search for the best vape pen, the following list can help you.


Morpheus Vape Pen (100 Watt):

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A study recently reported that 43% of youth who want to try vaping do so because of appealing flavors. Therefore, the Morpheus Vape pen is made to satisfy almost anybody with its many flavors and high power. The vape kit can produce enough power to cater to the needs of regular heavy-duty vapers. This vape kit boasts of a huge 3 ml tank and two variants of coils. 


The 0.2 ohm and 0.4-ohm coils and the 100-watt power it produces can heat things quickly and efficiently. The stainless-steel mouthpiece has an adjustable airflow that can suit the taste of any vaper. The strong carbon fiber body and portability make it extremely durable and an easy travel accessory. The 3000 mah battery is extremely powerful and can last up to 6-7 hours and only 2,5 hours to charge fully.


MigVapor SR-72 Single Pen Vape:

This single vape pen kit comes in various color options, unlike the other competitors in the market. It has two variants in the market, with the XtremeVW being the higher model. A BVC atomizer also accompanies the "eGo" battery. 


The Mig Vapor also displays a 510 threading and a single-center button to the battery. The battery life ranges from about 1300 mah to 1600 mph in the higher Xtreme Variant. The battery indicator feature is an LED light that displays white color upon full charge and red when it requires charging. 


The BVC atomizer too comes in dual variants, i.e., the standard tank and the glass clearomizer tank. The 1.5-ohm dual bottom coils are suitable for the mouth-to-lung experience. Although the Xtreme version is a bit pricier yet it has the added advantage of 4V more output than the basic.


Special K Black Vape Pen:

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If you vape for elegance and style, then this is your best buy. Special K Black is extremely compact and equally stylish. The elegant design looks like a lipstick tube and is extremely easy to carry wherever you go. The sleek and slim pen comes with its carrying case and is powered by a standard 510 threaded 650mah battery. The ergonomic form of the device is complemented by a 1ml liquid compatible or refillable oil tank.


What's more, the extra 0.5 ml tank can be available at no extra cost. The standard battery suffices for a day's worth of vaping. The lifetime warranty is a bonus that covers all breakage. However, the only disadvantage it has is that there is no pass-through for charging.


Vapor Zeus Starter Kit:

This vape pen is extremely versatile and, therefore, extremely popular with users who prefer the choice of a customized experience. The kit boasts of a multi-range 808 threads along with a rechargeable battery with different capacity variants. 


Users can select either a small (650 mah), medium (900mah), or extra-large (1300 mah) battery for their kits. However, the selection is priced accordingly, wherein the greater the battery's capacity, the higher its cost is. The users can also choose from selecting the type of battery, ranging from draw-activated automatic ones to manual switch-powered ones. 


The highest output amongst the various cells is 5V for the battery with maximum capacity. The and e-juice cartridges are customized from medical-grade silicone for a perfect in-mouth flow. The refillable "smileomizers" are also available in two variants, i.e., 3 ml and 5 ml, which can cater to any vaper's needs.



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This vape tank is highly durable and reliable with a powerful dual conduction and convection system that has earned its rightful name. The long battery life of at least 1.5 hours ensures long-lasting flavor. Along with the LED display, the German design lights up and preserves its quality for a long time. Though it is not as sleek in its design, it makes up for it in terms of powerful batteries and long-lasting quality.


Final Takeaway

Ultimately, the choice of the vape pen resides with you. However, a few caveats along the way can lead you to the right choice. Choosing based on usage, purpose, storage, and features can be the right way to enjoy the right vaping experience, especially if you are new and just starting

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