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7 Best Vape Tricks For Ultimate Vaping: From Easiest To Hardest

7 Best Vape Tricks For Ultimate Vaping: From Easiest To Hardest

7 Best Vape Tricks For Ultimate Vaping: From Easiest To Hardest

Vaping has become one of the most popular ways of consuming nicotine or cannabis. It is a simple process that heats your favorite herb’s contents and converts it to vapor. This way, you can inhale the vapor without the elements of combustion. As the popularity of vaping grows, the demand for more convenient vaping devices also increases. Devices such as mesh RBA tanks are designed to fill this gap. This type of rebuildable dripping atomizer can produce vapor with fantastic flavor.

If you are not a pro vaper or have the best device, you may not be able to get excellent vapor and flavor. With experience, vapers learn certain tricks that can add fun to their vaping. But you should not worry. Some of these tricks seem complicated but are easy to learn. You will be flawed initially, but as you continue practicing, you will start vaping like a pro. If you have seen someone blowing smoke rings and wondered how they do it, here is your chance to learn some smoke tricks with vape.

7 best vape tricks

Vape Trick Names

Here are some of the most popular vape trick names:

Colored Vape Smoke

Smoke Ring

Ghost Inhale



Triple Rings

French Inhale

These tricks are a great way to entertain yourself and your friends while vaping. If you’re new to vaping, it’s best to start with simple tricks like the Ghost Inhale and work your way up to more complicated ones like the Tornado.

1. Colored Vape Smoke Tricks

Colored vape is one of the most natural vape smoke tricks to learn for beginners. Unlike other vaping methods, this technique needs video editing to work. You will need a unique app with LED lighting to add color to the vapor. You must be good at video editing for this to work well. 

2. Smoke Ring

The smoke ring is an old trick among smokers. You need some skills beforehand to perform this trick. As a result, it is best for intermediate vapers. It would be best if you inhaled the vapor into your throat first. Your tongue should be at the bottom of your mouth while your lips form an o-ring. For the ring to form, push the vapor out using the throat as if you are coughing. 

3. The Smoke Ghost Trick

The ghost trick is nothing scary at all. You might have heard about it going by other names such as ‘Snap Inhale’ or ‘Mushroom Cloud.’ Despite the name, this is an easy trick that anyone can perform. For you to complete the ghost, take a deep drag and let it settle in your mouth for a few seconds. Once the vapor has formed in your mouth, form a ball and push the vapor out. The shot of vapor should come out in one oval burst. This is the most challenging step for this trick. You might have to practice it repeatedly to get it right. It would be best if you then inhaled back the vapor quickly. As you suck in the air, you should be able to see a mushroom of clouds. 

4. The Tornado Vape Trick

Tornado vape trick is difficult for the beginner, but you can quickly master it if you are an intermediate vaper. Despite being challenging, it is a trendy smoke trick. It requires whipping vapor on a flat surface in a way that makes the vapor spin away, forming the shape of a tornado. This trick needs a flat surface so that you can use a tabletop. Beginners may find using a tabletop challenging, so that you can opt for a paper towel roll, but any flat surface will do. This will help control breathing. It would be best to inhale deeply to have the best outcome. The next step is to exhale quietly as if you blow the vapor parallel to the flat surface. You will see the vapor flowing on the surface of the table. The next trick is to flick the vapor with your fingers. Ensure that your fingers are tightly closed so your palm is flat. Flick up the vapor rapidly to create a tornado effect.

5. The Dragon

This trick mimics a drag breathing out fire. The dragon is a simple technique that involves deep inhaling the vapor and breathing it out slowly through the nose and sides of the mouth. The lips must be closed tightly at the center for the vapor cloud to come out right.

6. Triple Rings

The triple rings technique involves blowing out the vapor in three distinct channels at the same time. It might sound challenging, but you can master the trick by practicing consistently. To perform the triple rings, inhale deeply and hold your breath. Place one finger on the upper lip to press it down. This will make the vapor come out in two channels. Once you master using one finger, try using two fingers to split the lip opening into three instead of two. This will give you triple rings. 

7. The French Inhale

This trick is also called the Irish Waterfall. The vapor mirrors a waterfall but in reverse. You must draw a large amount of vapor into the mouth and hold it by the tongue to perform this trick. It would be best to open your mouth slightly to allow the vapor to come out in a steady stream that travels toward your nose. Use your lower lip to push the vapor upwards. The trick is to ensure that the vapor cloud comes out slowly. As you push the vapor out, you must inhale through your nose. 


Vaping tricks look amazing when you see experienced vapers spewing beautiful clouds. But these tricks take time and practice to master. As you learn, ensure that you use electronic cigarettes safely. Even though some tricks are difficult to perform, they are easy to learn. Practice the tips above, and you will soon be performing vape tricks with the ease of a professional.

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