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Gypser Kit - step by step directions and tips

Gypser Kit - step by step directions and tips

1) Connect USB cable and fully charge the battery, that will extend the battery life time.
2) Once the red light is off, the battery is fully charged. Press rapidly 5 times on the button to activate the battery.
3) Install Pancake coil for dry herb or Ceramic Plate coil for wax. Press the button and check if the coil is active. 
4) Load the chamber, screw the coil screen, close the mouthpiece and it's ready for use.

Make sure the battery is fully charged before first time use.
To clean the chamber: simply burn the waste by activating a coil multiple times. Make sure that you doing this at the open air, because of smell and smoke. 
If you use adjustable power source, don't use the power higher than 25 Watt at the most, because it will burn the coil.

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