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Brass Knuckles Battery Instructions

Brass Knuckles Battery Instructions

We've written the following brass Knuckles battery instructions with some unobvious tips. Usually, using this kind of vape pen is easy, even for the novice. However, for the last couple of months, we've received many inquiries from our customers, which are practically the same. The questions are related to the LED indicator. Below, we've described the step-by-step tips for beginners and a couple of explanations for why could the Brass Knuckles battery blinking 10 times.

Brass Knuckles Battery Instructions For The Beginners

The Brass Knuckles vape instructions include tips that ensure novices the proper use.

Follow these Brass Knuckles vape battery instructions:

First, make sure that the vape pen is charged.

Screw the atomizer.

Finally, turn on the vape pen.

To adjust the voltage, click the power button three times. The LED will change color to display the current voltage set.

To take a hit, inhale slowly and steadily.

When you are finished vaping, turn off the vape pen.

Additional Brass Knuckles vape pen instructions:

First, refrain from filling your atomizer.

Second, don't use any low-quality atomizers.

Third, clean the vape pen regularly with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.

Finally, don't leave the vape pen in direct sunlight or extreme heat.

Following these Brass Knuckles vape instructions, you can ensure years of reliable use.

Brass Knuckles Battery Blinking 10 Times

Generally, there are a couple of reasons why could the Brass Knuckles battery blinking 10 times:

First, connection problems- dust, sand, or impurities may obstruct connection.

Fully drained battery- these problems appear if the device wasn't used for a prolonged period. Even if the battery is plugged into the charger, it will not take a charger instantly. In such case charging process takes longer.

Faulty atomizer- the Brass Knuckles vape pen blinking 10 times is to display the problem with the connected atomizer. The atomizer can feature manufacturing issues or could be damaged during transportation. However, there is nothing to do in such a case unless changing the atomizer.

Short circuit- The most common reason is that the coil touches the battery. This can happen if the atomizer is not screwed in tightly enough or the 51O connection is damaged. To fix this, unscrew the coil and make sure it is screwed in tightly. If the 51O connector is damaged, you may need to replace it. The second cause is an issue with the battery itself. However, if you've tried all the above and the indicator still displays short-circuit protection, contact the distributor for assistance.

Brass Knuckles Battery Instructions


All About Cleaning

First, take off the atomizer. Then, with the help of a brush tool [or soft tissue, cotton], clean all the connection ports. It's strongly advised in this part not to use water or soap, as this can ruin the vape pen. Instead, use isopropyl alcohol. Once everything is done correctly and completely dried up, screw up the cartridge, and you are ready to go. In the event of damage to the battery, do not try to open or restore it. Without special skills, doing it is foolhardy.

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