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Brass Knuckles Battery Review

Brass Knuckles Battery Review

Brass Knuckles Battery Review

The Brass Knuckles battery is part of the 510 vape batteries family. Its vintage design and smooth inhale process make it unique. Furthermore, this device, like the Yocan Armor battery, can easily be considered a perfect option for anyone without experience with vape pens and machines. Additionally, it has various features and some benefits, which are mentioned below in this Brass Knuckles battery review.


As mentioned above, the Brass Knuckles battery's unique vintage design distinguishes it from other vape batteries. Moreover, it is usually obtainable in the following colorings: gold, silver, black and silver, gold, rainbow, rose, gold wooden, and gunmetal silver. Moreover, the device's body is crafted from metal.

The battery is considered comfortable to carry anywhere and is weightless thanks to its dimensions [95mm in length, 14mm in diameter, and a mass of 20 grams]. Additionally, the device only has one button in the front face, right in the middle.

All About The Battery

Like other 510 batteries, it possesses integrated lithium elements. However, the Brass Knuckles employs a lithium element with a capacity of 900mAh. Furthermore, the battery allows voltage changes and offers three-tier options [3.2V, 3.7V, 4.2V].

The battery has a USB charger, which is necessary to charge this device. The charger requires an AC/USB adapter connection with an output current of 5V/500mA. It can be charged for a maximum of four hours, and the device notifies the user when it is entirely charged by flashing a green LED light three times and then goes off. Click the link to gather more information on how to charge Brass Knuckles battery.

Further Characteristics

The Brass Knuckles battery settings, including the preheat mode, possess various helpful features. To activate the preheat mode, click the power button twice. The battery turns on for 15 seconds with a minimal power of 2.0 Volts. The Preheat Mode is beneficial with low-viscosity oil and in cold weather.

Another feature of the Brass Knuckles battery worth mentioning is the child lock. The battery locks and unlocks by just pressing the power button five times. It protects from the accidental fire.

How Much Brass Knuckles Battery Costs

The cost of a battery varies depending on the retailer and the specific model. However, you can expect to pay between $20 and $30 for the Brass Knuckles battery. The battery price can vary from retailer to retailer; some retailers charge more than others for the same product. You can compare prices from different retailers and read reviews of various models before purchasing. Check this page if you're looking to buy Brass Knuckles battery for the most reasonable price.

Brass Knuckles For Sale Near Me

Please note that the legality of vaping products varies from state to state. So please check your local regulations before looking at Brass Knuckles for sale near me.


The recognizable design and features of the Brass Knuckles battery make it a hot-demand item. Furthermore, its ease of use makes it suitable for any novice. However, before using it, reading the Brass Knuckles battery instructions guide is always recommended.

In any case of problems, it's advised to seek help from an experienced person and not try to repair anything yourself at home. Always charge the device using the original charger or power cord, and never set the device on a wet surface.

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