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Sometimes, cartridges may be very complicated for someone with zero experience with vape devices and products; moreover, how the CCELL carts function may be strange and brand new to them. The CCELL carts, like GV TH210, are 1mL cartridges designed for the utilization of herbal extracts as well as essential oil. Moreover, the CCELL carts are known for performing the best low-viscosity oils or extracts. Additionally, other information that a user may be interested in them is their design, benefits, or even some tips, which will be mentioned below.


The CCELL carts are made in a very beneficial way for someone. They possess a vertical ceramic coil, and their housing is pure glass. Furthermore, the construction of the CCELL carts craft out of stainless steel. On the other hand, their mouthpiece is pure ceramic and has a screw-in connection. Another interesting detail about these CCELL carts is that they craft with four oil intakes of 2mm. The dimensions and weight cause these cartridges to be very portable and lightweight, as expected. They are 63mm in height, and their mass is just 10 grams. Additionally, more often, such kinds of cartridges are available in the colors black or white.


Even if someone could not believe it, empty vape cartridges can also possess massive benefits. One of the CCELL carts' most important benefits is their low failure or leak rate. In addition, they are guaranteed all tested at the factory where they are made of. That is a massive advantage as the chances of being bought with issues could be much higher. Furthermore, the capacity could start from 0.5mL to 1.0mL and even more. The materials these CCELL carts are made of are also very beneficial, as they are good quality and durable over time. Also, this type of cartridge is compatible with all vaping devices since it features a 510-thread connection.

Helpful Tips

The CCELL carts are correctly filled to avoid leakage. Closing the ceramic mouthpiece immediately after filing the cartridge is recommended. Also, keep them out of the reach of children and pets.

CCELL carts employ 510 thread for the connection to all vape pen devices. They are crafted from zinc alloy, ceramic, and glass. This type of cartridge is designed for oils and concentrates. In addition, they feature a different capacity. Also, some vape pens feature magnetic connections so that the CCELL carts can't be connected to them. Instead, use the 510-thread magnetic adapters in this case. In addition, filling the device pays attention to the integrity of the glass compartment. A cracked glass compartment can lead to leaks.

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