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Different types of vape devices and their working

Different types of vape devices and their working

Different types of vape devices and their working

Electronic cigarettes and vape pens have been increasingly popular recently, especially for their stimulation of tobacco smoking. Vape pens are pocket-sized cylindrical structures that come in various styles and are generally smoked with the help of an e-liquid and a battery. The battery's energy helps burn the e-liquid and produces a cloud-like smoke. Since its evolution in 2000, many vape pens have been released using vape flowers, oils and concentrates, and flavor enhancers.

Irrespective of the flavors used, there are three main components in a vape pen:

A battery that serves as a source of energy for the atomizer

An atomizer that heats from the battery and turns the e-liquid into vapor

E-liquid, which adds flavor to the smoke

Types of vape devices

Due to the harmful effects of smoking tobacco, vape pens are becoming increasingly popular in today's world and are categorized into the four following categories:

Cig-A-Likes or First generation pens

Vape pens or Second Generation pens

Mods or Third Generation pens

Pod Mods


These are mainly available in gas stations which act as entry-level vaping devices. They look like cigarettes but contain nicotine instead of tobacco. It is one of the primary inspirations for developing e-cigarettes and vaping devices. The idea for developing these devices is to mimic the act of smoking and provide users with a smooth transition from cigarette smoking to vaping. 

There are two different types of Cig-A-Likes:

Disposable with a prefilled e-liquid

Refillable, which allows for manual filling of e-liquids once they are exhausted

Vape mods

These vaping devices follow the latest design and technology, known for their advanced firepower and personalized features. The device got its name after avid smokers tried to push the limits of their pens and modify them to increase the smoke clouds. Due to the adaptation to these vape pens and their availability, many stylish designs in the market promise to deliver the desired amounts of smoke. These pens use a sub-ohm coil with a resistance of less than 1, which allows currents to flow at a higher rate. When the current flow across the device increases, so does the intensity of clouds from the smoke. There are two different types of vape mods:

Regulated mods have a circuit board inside the device that allows for customization of wattage, temperate, etc.

Unregulated mods do not offer a safety circuit or implement personalized features.

Vape pens

They are cylindrical structures available in different styles and are generally larger to increase the amount of smoke they produce. Since vape pens are becoming increasingly popular in recent times, they have the latest technologies and features incorporated into them. There are various types of vape pens, and the four following distinctive features make up for their efficiency:

Variable temperature

Fixed Voltage

Sub-ohm tanks

Variable voltage

Pod mods

These are low-voltage devices that are currently gaining popularity in the vaping world. They use salt e-juices, considered the closest alternatives to cigarettes. There are two types of pod mods:

Closed pod systems, which are filled with e-liquids and are disposable once used

Open pod systems allow the user to fill nicotine and salt e-liquid manually.

Alternatives for Vape Devices

Vaping is the best alternative for people trying to decrease their tobacco intake and overcome their cigarette addiction. However, this does not mean vaping is entirely harmless to the human body. On the contrary, it has significant side effects and effects in the long run, which can lead to lung infections and gradual death. Hence, many medicinal products have been driven into the market, slowly but significantly replacing vaping devices. Although they do not produce a similar effect, it prevents consumers from going through the harmful effects of smoking.


Edibles are a great way to induce similar effects of tobacco or nicotine into your system, some of which, when taken in specific quantities, also cause 'high' to the consumer. For instance, delta 9 gummies are becoming increasingly popular, which not only produce a psychoactive effect but also induce pain-relieving and soothing properties when consumed in the right amount. Due to the increase in their popularity, there are other infinite options for edibles like Tic-Tacs, butter, lemonade pouches, and others which have helped people quit cigarettes and vaping, for good!

Nicotine pouches

Tablets or oral nicotine pouches are the best alternatives for chain smokers and people who frequently use vaping pens. The product is placed between the gum and cheek, which imparts a sweet flavor to the consumer. They do not contain tobacco but are the best alternative for nicotine, and they also contain plant-based fibers. Since it is a reasonably new concept introduced in the market, the side effects and long-term effects of nicotine pouches are under study. 

Heat, not burn products.

Heat does not burn tobacco products; mainly, use tobacco instead of nicotine. Since they burn tobacco less aggressively than cigarettes, they are considered a safer option for people seeking to quit smoking gradually. However, it must be noted that they are not similar to vapes or e-cigarettes as vapes use liquids to deliver nicotine, and heat-not-burn products use tobacco to deliver nicotine into the system. 

Key takeaway

Vaping devices are becoming increasingly popular recently, introducing advanced products to the market that help people quit smoking while enjoying the effects of smoking. Due to this gaining momentum, people are often inclined to try various vaping devices which cause less harm to their bodies. However, since the extensive health effects of the products are unknown, avid vape users are also shifting to assign alternatives to vape like gummies, brownies, oils, and other products that not only allow them to enjoy the effects of nicotine but also prevent them from becoming a prey to deadly diseases.

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