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Essential Upgrades You Need To Have When Vaping Dry Herb

Essential Upgrades You Need To Have When Vaping Dry Herb

The year 2020 marks the end of an auspicious decade and the start of a promising one for weed enthusiasts and lovers. With more U.S. states legalizing dry herb, the market for products that utilize dry herb for medicinal and recreational purposes has grown exponentially. The vape market is one among those that have skyrocketing sales over the past years and is seen to grow over the coming years. This is another reason for dry herb lovers to rejoice. Vaping dry herb is a wonderful experience as an avid vaper, you have to find ways to enhance your vaping experience through upgrades.


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Read on as we share some of the upgrades you’ll find useful when vaping dry herb.


Size Upgrade

Most of us tend to go for portability when we think about upgrades, but upsizing your gadgets can also be considered an upgrade. Dry herb experts recommending a desktop vaporizer to upgrade your vaping experience. Some desktop vapes may not be portable, but the vapor density and quality are better when using these big boys. Larger vapor volume, faster heating time, and more temperature options are just a few of the many advantages you can get with this upgrade.


Battery Upgrade

If you are starting with a single 18650 battery for your vape, getting a dual 18650 upgrade can boost your vape’s responsiveness and can extend your vaping to last more than a day. The dual 18650 battery wattage range can reach 220 watts, which can support heavy-duty usage and can handle occasional spikes in your vape use. The typical vaping utilization stands at 75 to 100 watts, while some frequent and heavy vapers can reach 150 to 200 watts. A battery upgrade can handle different vaping styles, so it’s good that you have your vape ready for handling higher utilization when you feel like it.


Cartridge Upgrade

We mentioned earlier that upsizing can be a good upgrade, and so is downsizing. If you are using a vape pen, you can upgrade it to deliver better vapor taste and less faint smoke. A cartridge upgrade for a vape pen can help give you more freedom in experimenting with your e-liquids. You can switch from a or vice versa. As your upgrade goes high-end, you can have more options such as switching to wax/resin concentrates, vape oils, or dry herb ( hemp flower-like suver haze buds ). With this, you can have a stealthy way of getting high on the go without having to worry about the vapor odor.


E-Coil Upgrade

Heat plays a major role in your vape operation and also largely affects the vapor quality. The e-coil is the heating mechanism and life forces of your device. A vape’s design is to heat the vaping material (Hemp vape juice, Hemp vape oil, dry herb, etc.) to a temperature just above the boiling point of the active compounds, which is typically below 500℉. However, as your device gets used over time, or if your device has a single-temp control, the heat goes far above the recommended temperatures. This can lower the vape quality and leaves a burnt taste and smell when you vape. Upgrading your e-coil to a high-quality variety can improve the stability of your vape’s heating mechanism by evenly distributing heat throughout the coil. Another beneficial feature is better temperature control features, which allow you to apply the right temperature for the active compounds you want to inhale. It’s also healthier as it prevents overheating, which can break down e-liquid thinning agents into carcinogenic aldehydes. 

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Upgrades are necessary when it comes to vaping to help you customize your vaping experience. You can explore more vaping options when you upgrade your device and you get the desired results and experience. Upgrading should be made to meet your preferences and the full utilization of your upgraded device. Having these factors covered will bring out the best dry herb vaping experience for you.

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