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eGo-C Twist

eGo-C Twist

eGo-C Twist

eGo-C Twist- one of the best vape pens for carts out there. Great effort was put into making this battery smaller, lighter, and sleek yet powerful enough to live up to the vapers' best expectations. Even though the appearance of the eGo-C Twist resembles most vape pens, it employs functional advantages. So, let us shortly review the eGo-C Twist and its functional and design features.


eGo-C Twist Design

One lovely thing about these vape pen batteries is that they are compact, classy, and lighter [48 grams] compared to high-end and more extensive mods we have out here. It can easily fit in your pocket or purse thanks to its modest size [111mm long and 16mm in diameter]. Also, on the front face of the device, there is a firing button big enough for convenient use. The bottom side of the eGo-C Twist features a voltage ring. All around it, the voltage options are printed as well.

Adjustable Voltage 

It's a fact that every e-liquid enables the best flavor under a specific optimal voltage. But how do you find that perfect voltage? As usual, vape pens feature a readjusted voltage output, which is insufficient for most users. So instead, the eGo-C Twist enables variable voltage rings, which allow you to change the voltage from 3.2V to 4.8V.


The inclusion of short circuit protection, as well as a 5-click lockout feature, takes the safety of this battery to another level. As a result, you and your battery are safe from short circuits or related electrical faults that could render the device useless or threaten your life. In addition, the lockout feature helps to ensure your device doesn't automatically turn on if you unknowingly tap a button while the unit is inside your pocket or purse. Furthermore, the LED indicator integrated into the firing button displays all the functional processes, including warnings.


The eGo-C Twist is a perfect choice because of the compact size and variable voltage mode, and the 510 thread. As it is known, the 510 thread is the most compatible option for connecting the cartridge. So there will be no need to look for a compatible cartridge because there are many.


The 510 thread is not only the way for the cartridge connection. The integrated battery charges via the 510-USB charging device, designed especially for such devices. Unfortunately, such a charger is not the best choice because it enables 5V/0.5A. With such a kind of connection and power, the battery of the device charges in about two hours.


Even if the eGo-C Twist is considered a safe device and very easy to use, it still requires a full acknowledgment of how to use and maintain it. Moreover, it is vital to know some warnings for this device. For example, do not charge it on a wet surface. Moreover, do not charge it under direct sunlight for a prolonged period. Furthermore, avoid washing the eGo-C Twist with water or soap. Finally, keeping this vape pen battery out of the reach of children and pets is also very recommended.


The eGo-C Twist has much to offer to its user, which is a fact. In addition, its benefits and features can quickly make someone want to purchase it. The easiness of use of this device as well as its little requirement of maintenance, is something very beneficial. Even like this, it is advised to read a user guide before operating the device, especially if for the first time.

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