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EGO CE4 Starter Kit Review

EGO CE4 Starter Kit Review

EGO CE4 Starter Kit Review

One of the best selling vape devices on the market today, the eGo CE4 starter kit is a small, but well designed product that has enjoyed considerable popularity in recent times. As a vaping device, it is small, compact, but very well made which is certainly part of the reason it is enjoyed.

As popular as it is, does it really live up to the hype that has surrounded it? The answer lies in what the starter kit provides and if the features really offer consumers a durable, versatile product.

What it Includes

This particular starter kit is one that only includes what is basically needed to help operate this device.

-        CE4 Clearomizer

-        eGo-c 650mAh battery

-        USB Charger


There are certainly a number of advantages that this particular starter kit offers thanks to the emphasis eGo has places on their vaping products. In particular, the small, compact size does make this a very discreet unit that is easily hidden and can be used at any time.

-        Comes in several colors

-        Voltage preset at 3.5V for maximum efficiency

-        Resistance capability set at 1.5O

-        Short circuit protection


Overall, the eGo CE4 Starter Kit does live up to the hype and exceeds it thanks to the numerous features for such a compact unit. The overall design, sturdy construction and well considered features make this a remarkable vaping unit for those who want something simple, effective and portable to meet their needs when it comes to vaping. 

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