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Evod Twist Review

Evod Twist

The Evod Twist is a 510-threaded battery device that possesses a bunch of features as well as benefits. This battery can fit most vape atomizers with eGo connections or 510 thread. The fact that it requires very little maintenance and is generally easy to utilize makes the Evod Twist a perfect vape device option [even for someone with 0 background in vape devices]. Furthermore, thanks to the single-button operation of this 510-threaded battery, everything can be done quickly with its help.


Evod Twist Formatting 

The Evod Twist possesses an attractive enough arrangement, and that is a fact. Moreover, It features various colors so every user can fit their style. The Evod Twist is also a device that can easily fit in the palm and be transported everywhere at any time, thanks to its dimensions: 125mm in height and 17mm in diameter. Its mass also helps to be easily transported as it is just 54 grams. The single activation button that the Evod Twist possesses exists in the front face of the case. The case of Evod Twist is made out of stainless steel like the Evod 3 in 1 Vaporizer vape pen. Moreover, the device's name is printed in red and white in the front face but at the lower part. It is worth mentioning that also at the lower part of the Evod Twist, a rotatable ring exists, which offers the possibility to the user to alter the voltage power. 

Cell Detailed Information

The Evod Twist 510-threaded battery features a power of 1600mAh. The battery is integrated as well as rechargeable. Moreover, the charging process of this device does not require professionalism as it is straightforward to accomplish. To be done correctly, it is necessary to attach a 510-thread charger to the device and then plug it into a USB port. Also, the required charging time for the Evod Twist to be fully charged is a maximum of two to three hours. Also, the Evod Twist could be called the cheapest 510 thread battery from such devices.

How To Operate The Evod Twist

As mentioned above, the Evod Twist battery device is easy for everyone to utilize. When unable to unlock the battery, depress the power button five times continuously [in the same way it locks back on]. Once it is turned on, an LED light around the button flashes. To alter the voltage output, it is necessary to rotate the voltage ring that the device has.


In conclusion, even if the Evod Twist 510-threaded battery is easy to utilize, it is very recommended to read an instruction guide before operating it [especially for the first time]. Moreover, we advise you never to change the device without fully acknowledging your actions. Finally, in case of a malfunction, do not hesitate to ask for the help and advice of a professional. To avoid faults and problems:

  • don't charge the device on a wet surface;
  • don't use a damaged charging cord or AC device;
  • don't leave the device in the sunlight.
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