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How to Extend the Life of a Vaporizer or Vape Battery

How to Extend the Life of a Vaporizer or Vape Battery

How to Extend the Life of a Vaporizer Battery

Since the inception of the first device that uses a battery to function, consumers have not gotten enough of the lifespan of their cells. However, thanks to the invention of lithium-ion batteries, consumers can now enjoy an extended battery life compared with traditional ones. Vapes, commonly known as e-cigarettes, use batteries for their functioning. Although modern vaporizers use lithium-ion batteries, applying relevant precautions to extend their life is still essential. Here is an overview of how to extend the life of a vaporizer battery

Avoid overheating your unit. 

Typically, high temperatures usually denature the longevity of a battery. Therefore, you should not expose your vaporizer to temperatures above 113 degrees Celcius. It would help if you allowed the battery to cool down once you have used it to extend its life. 

If you are using a MOD, avoid it when the temperatures are -4 degrees since the battery will not work efficiently, and straining its performance will shorten its lifetime. This means you should keep the amount you vape daily to a minimum during frigid days. 

Keep the vaporizer in a cool, dry place.

One of the practical battery safety tips that most vaporizer manufacturers emphasize is the condition as to which consumers keep their e-cigs. Exposing the battery to high or low temperatures will denature the longevity of your cells. Therefore, choosing a cool and dry place would be the best remedy for the longevity of your vape.

Clean the battery's connections.

An old battery would probably have many dust particles clogged between the tank and the battery. Failing to clean the dirt within such areas can harm the storm's life. So, it is recommendable to clean the connections regularly to ensure that the cells maintain regular functioning without any mess interfering with their relationships. 

Recharge the battery before it dies. 

Charging a dead battery requires a lot of power, which strains it beyond the average performance. As a result, this threatens the cell's longevity, forcing the consumer to replace it before the expected timeline. If you continue with such a habit, the battery declines rapidly, making the vape pen die completely. 


Rotate your battery 

It is essential to have more than one battery for your e-cigarettes. Such an idea will provide the capacity to rotate the cells to maintain longevity. Unfortunately, most people keep their spare batteries rather than switching them and use them soon after the old one wears out. 

Keep the vape pen battery as clean as possible.

As much as you must keep your vaporizer clean, you should also strive to keep its batteries clean. Clean the battery threads and the charger before and after every charge. Use a cotton swab to clean the lines. Otherwise, you will have a sticky and grimy battery if you accidentally spill liquid on the vape while it is hot. 

Talking about spilled juice, there are many hemp juices that you can use for your vaping. You can find several options online and choose a flavor that suits you best. 

Turn off the vape while not in use.

Although modern vaporizers have a sleep mode on their batteries, it is always necessary to turn them off if they are not in use. This is because the battery loses a significant charge even in sleep mode, slowly reducing its lifetime. That's why shutting the device off when not in use is advisable. 

Ensure that you are using the correct charger. 

Vape batteries are not different from regular ones. They still need to use their original chargers to ensure they fill up efficiently. However, failing to use the correct charger can easily affect their longevity. Therefore, you should maintain the right charger and buy a replacement with an original cable from a reputable company. 

Store the battery with at least 50% charge. 

If you do not intend to use the vape for a long time, ensure the battery is at least 50% charged before putting it away. If you leave the battery for a long without any charge, it is possible to have it flat when you want to use it. This will require a lot of power to charge the dead battery. 

Unplug the battery as soon it charges up. 

Most people have made it a common practice to leave their devices plugged in even after fully charging. However, doing so harms the lifetime of the battery rather than adding charge to the cell. Therefore, do not leave your vaporizer to set while asleep or when you are not in your house. Also, keep a reminder on your phone to unplug the vaporizer if you are pretty busy.

Use the vape more often. 

Even though it is ideal for keeping your vape at bay occasionally, using it more often usually extends its battery life. Similar to other cells, keeping the cells active usually maintains their longevity. 

However, this does not mean you should overuse the vaporizer since it might harm your life. Beware of the amount you vape daily to avoid the adverse effects of over-vaping.


Consumers can use many other ways to extend the battery life of their vaporizers. However, the critical aspect that one should consider is the overall safety of vaping and the device. The same goes for when you're vaping dry herb; when you vape dry herb as well, it's crucial to consider the safety of your dry herb vaporizer. You will find a variety of safe, dry herb vaporizers to choose from and enjoy the experience. 

It is pretty enjoyable to use herbs and their by-product for vaping. However, learning more about hemp and its by-products is essential to enjoy maximum benefits and safety in your hobby.

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