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Fake e-cigs, guide about how to avoid them (part 1)

Fake e-cigs, guide about how to avoid them

Things like fake electronic cigarettes are basically everywhere. There is no backup if you have already been rip offed by some clone of of vapor product. Do you really see that coming or not? There is not sweet dream for you in that case anyway no matter how you look at it. You best will be guarded by caution and suspicion. If you are looking at something which is too good to be true be sure it will be like that. Don’t allow that con artists from our vape scene infiltrate our vape industry even more by making you their next victim.

Buyer beware or like our ancestors said like more than five hundred years ago – caveat emptor! Better be safe than sorry anyway! You are responsible for what you are buying if you are guarded with some knowledge about that anyway. And that is especially true for electronic cigarettes industry anyway. Honestly, there are tons of them already at the market. Be it offline vape shop, online store, online auction discount and so on anyway! Everywhere.



What is counterfeit e-cig?

Basically, it’s a fake of e-cig. It’s a clone of a brand name of some vape product. Many of well-known established brands in vaping like e-cig or something like Aspire, iJoy, Smok that are targets of clone artists and such. It all looks like real deal but in the whole harsh reality it’s damn not. They are made from cheapest possible materials and with broken roms to boot them up.

Do you really want to hear how bad is that in reality anyway? Let me introduce you to some numbers there. In China (for sure, where else) there are like 50 or so top manufacturers of electronic cigarettes in the world anyway. And I do not joke there, fabrics where all that is done are top notch quality anyway for many reasons, they use the best materials and great software anyway. But if you look at the bigger picture there are like 600 brands totally done in China alone. So, ask yourself please, if like fifty are doing great things what are everyone else who is left are doing? For sure they do worst cigarettes in the world anyway for many reasons, like price and quantity.

They also do use not that great materials to make vape related products as well. It creates collusion. Brands are brands for a reason probably. And everything related with that, it costs money, they do their good job anyway for many things. And that’s why you want to stick with them for many reasons out there. And to add to that, exactly that proven brands could be faked right in China by some other brands which are not in their range at all for example. Buyer, beware!

How that fake vape things looks like?

They look almost identical like real thing anyway for many parameters. Their base is to be look like that qualities anyway on many other things and be sure that’s probably main idea of everything else. They for sure are not for safety and quality and some standards. All in all, why would they do it anyway? They are in business of destroying someone else brand by simply copying the package and copying serial numbers to that level anyway. It’s very hard to track back that vape pens and electronic cigarettes anyway, they probably have no fear of accounting at all anyway on many levels.

You should be aware that we mean very important things there. Your package will look like real one – one to one. In some cases, you for sure may see a bit lighter or darker colors or some small things which are different, but all in all will be identical 100% and they are good at that. So, if we talk only about package – there is no chance how to tell if the thing inside is real or it’s simply wrong fake here.

If you are talking about faking some unique codes which needs to be verified somewhere – they also have all the knowledge to do that.

So, once again 1) counterfeiter looks like real thing anyway 2) box is simply identical 3) unique authenticity codes also the same.

E-cig unique codes

Be sure that all big manufacturers for sure know that their production are being compromised anyway. To somehow fight back they for sure put some unique code for every product they are trying to sell to you. It may be anything like tanks, coils, vapes and mods. You read it totally correct, yes, even coils are being faked, they are being faked even more often that e-cigs itself.

To reveal that secret unique codes you usually need to scratch something on the pack itself in some unique place of it. Then you need to check it out if it’s real on the manufacturers website and they will show you if your product is genuine anyway. IF you have fake of any sort one of two things will happen with you when you’ll check it.

First thing is obvious and it will be showing that code you entered is invalid anyway. Second thing which may happen with you is that you will see that somebody already entered that code, maybe even not the first time. For sure it’s wrong thing. If your code already been checked previously before that it means your fake producer already used known code, I am sure there are cases where same code was in input for thousands and tens of thousands of times.

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