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Fake e-cigs, guide about how to avoid them (part 2)

What will happen when I will find out fake?

Not that much anyway. Common scenario is such – you buy some brand name vaping product. Then you scratch the surface and finding out the code, then you will find out that you have fake. And what is next? You probably trying to contact real manufacturer, but they can’t really help you cause it’s fake and not their own product. Then you for sure go back to initial place of selling.

If you made online order your seller may really have no idea why they are selling clone of the product. You for sure need to do something, but little chance to change something cause “all sales are final” anyway. If they do know all this – they may tell you that clones are simply really good cause it’s simply a copy of the real thing. But we both know it’s not true. Your refund chance is simply nonexistent.

If you are mad at this point and want some revenge against the clone maker – it’s not going to happen anyway. All your chance is that some good reputation seller will simply really refund you if you caught him on that;) I bet you will be still pay the shipping and handling fee anyway. I am not even talking that you are simply wasting time now with them anyway by that talk, by walks to the post office and lost money which will never be returned to you anyway.

How that things happens to be on the market?

They are on the market in big numbers still. For many reasons I would say. Obvious one and first of all - money! They can be sold very cheap and sellers for sure interested in that. They are buying that fakes in bulks and call sell all that (what probably brand name is) for cheap and many. They can use that strategy to win the market place. And as we already mentioned some may not even know that they are selling fakes because con mans promote their products very aggressively via all possible means.

Second reason as you may already get – volume. That’s for sure. There are tons of them. As we already talked there are hundreds of factories which may already cloning e-cigs now anyway. It all makes very cheap supply of cheap products.

How clients avoid such cheap vapes?

First thing to look for is probably the price anyway. IT shows that it’s maybe too good to be true anyway. IF the price is low, if your deal is crazy good then you must ask your six sense about that;) nothing wrong with looking for best price but you should be cautious every damn time for that matter.

Look for reliable and reputable vendor with long history and reputation. A sign that you are buying in the right and correct place could be some certificate which will prove they are certified vendor of everything being done there as genuine products of vaping. You may even want to ask them about that directly, if they for sure correct vendor, if they sell good products of such and so on. Trust them but do verify.  I do describe very tedious process, but better be safe than sorry anyway. All these little steps can really prevent you from something big anyway, some big rip-off for that matter.

If you are buying online, also be cautious. Especially if that is classified or online auction website anyway. If they do not want to reply in full, I do recommend you simply go away with that matter anyway. So, I hope you get me;)

So, there are few rules – if the price is too good to be true – move on, look for good solid vendors anyway for many reasons, ask a lot of questions, check for certificates, if they do not want you as a client – run faster;)

Good United Stated Brands for all times

There is one good solution about how to avoid all the hustle listed above. For example, to buy all your vaping products from Gypsy Vapes. When you buy from us, you are buying from a company which directly make your products and stand by that itself. Besides that, we are US based and can address any concerns you have with fastest time possible.

In our business, all that China imported products somehow gets the most attention. It’s very sad, cause right here and right now in the US, Gypsy Vapes makes and designs one of the best e-cigs and vaporizers built by best of the best in the world. You have 14 days replacement policy without any questions asked.

We are marked on our words. You do not need to worry about being ripped off or something like that for example. No fakes here. You will have safety and quality. Win-win.

When you buy from Gypsy Vapes, you buy from company that directly makes a lot of products listed on our online store as well. You will get massive choice of quality materials and wide range or e-liquids for your vaping needs. After first few buys you will like it so much that you will never get back to cheap fakes from China, I can rest assure you;)

Reasons to buy from Gypsy Vapes – valid, top quality products, best manufacturers, warranty, device makers, US based service on all levels, no fakes thus far;)

Final words on fake e-cigs

Nothing can be done now unfortunately no matter how hard we try even anyway to caught someone on fakes. Smok, eGo, Aspire and lot more other brands are constantly being cloned. Something worth it – will be copied anyway. But those are not only poor quality with them, they are also quite dangerous for basically anyone. They do not have some vital safety features. Also, very important thing in fake vapes is fake dangerous batteries which under usage can damage your health even. Be careful!

Clients needs to understand all the risks of such products anyway. You need to do background check of any seller you are buying from and any place just to be safe. Get some guarantee from them. Make your own due diligence that you are not getting ripped off.

Finally, you can simply buy from us anyway;) Good US based company, Gypsy Vapes. Make it easier in your life. Buy directly from us and you may not need to re-read the whole article anyway. You can simply enjoy vaping and that’s it.

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