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First time vaping

Every day waiting become more and more social process because more and more people discovering for themselves the benefits of some alternative to smoking. As usual at first impression people do not know what to think about all this. Are these safe things? What about usual smoking? Will it be public allowed? In today’s society, there is a lot of safety regulations for these devices and strict laws made vaping what it is today honestly. But just like any new product way past of all into something safer and you can freely vape your favorite juices.

Today in the market there are dozens of companies that provide vape pens, e-liquids, and other vaping accessories. There is a big choice - thousands of products. That honestly is very hard to choose the correct product today because the market supply is very big. It’s much harder than with usual cigarettes. It’s totally understandable that you do not know which device to choose and which juice to select for it. We compiled this guide to help you to select their first vape pen and all related accessories to it.

Different Devices

First of all, you need a vape pen that will match your needs. You need to select from a vape pen that allows you to vape e-juice or something like kits – dry herb concentrates. Not many vaporizers are so universal which can handle both or even more than the functions above. So, you need to be realistic with your needs. There are several different types of vaporizers - we’ll speak about them below.

  1. Pens - these things are usually slim and you might even say that is something like electronic cigarettes. And there is a reason for people who are switching from traditional smoking to vaping to choose such devices just because of that reason, they are very easy to use for them. They may not contain too much of a product in the vaping session, but they are very easy to transport and perfect for quick vape sessions. Usually, they come with backup batteries or a charging cord so you will not have to worry about it’s been nonworking during your session. There also such things as oil vape pens and dry herb Vape pens.
  2. Pods - if you’re waiting for the first time, you may find the whole process like reading out coils, priming a wick, and inserting e-juice into the tank very intimidating. To prevent all that both systems make your life easier - it’s very simple to change the pod. It contains e-liquid, coils and wick. So, you don’t have to broke something when you replace the tank or simply switching the flavors. To make the whole thing last longer vapors usually can refill most of the tanks with the same flavor for up to 5 to 10 times. Other than that, it’s all set and ready to go!
  3. MODs - when you try both of the options above, when you are already comfortable with your pens and your pods - you may want some more customization for your clouds of biggest vapes. For that mod’s solution was invented. When you want more range in your settings and customization – that’s really the thing for you. Some of them do allow various power output for sub-ohm vapes, while others may allow you to control the temperature inside. They look basically just like any other vaporizer on the market but you still may find a boxy form for that modification, especially for sub-ohm MODs


They have three main points about which will talk later. I will try to be very detailed here.

  1. Flavor - you probably even start vaping because of very big variety of flavors, have not you? Fruity and some other flavors are very popular but most stores also usually have traditional mint flavors for example. Everyone has their own taste and you might even discover some new one when you will try a whole variety or via some experiments. One you will change the flavors in your device you need to make sure that you clean it after the previous one so you will taste is a whole new flavor without conflicts inexperience. By the way even if you will not do it some combinations will taste very good;) If you want to avoid unpleasant experiences you need to select closely related flavors and slowly transfer from one to one.
  2. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin - there are different radios of those from any type of liquids. The short names sound like PG and VG accordingly. They use to carry flavors and nicotine and often mixed like 50-50 in most juices. Most for sure use such combination but some sub OHM vaporizers will work even better if you have higher VG concentration. Pod systems use their own type of you juices. You as a vapor should take care of that, before using some random selection.
  3. Levels of nicotine - perfect level will vary from person to person. If you were a heavy smoker you may find that high nicotine level here is comparable to what it used to be. If you are some moderate one you need something like 9 mg milliliter level. Rare smokers should use something like 4 to 5 mg milliliter level. If you have control over your nicotine level in your e-juice you may want to decrease it over time which will help you finally quit smoking at all. There is something like even 0 mg milliliter levels.

Wattage safety and Ohms (Coils)

When you obtain new batteries or new coils for you vape device - you need to understand their affection to power levels, especially in MOD’s case. Batteries do provide the power and coils via resistance make it work to acceptable levels. It’s very dangerous to bring too much power to your device more than it can handle, as well as have two weak coils. General rule is to buy overtime something like what it used to be was your original device that same batteries power that same coils, unless you are proficient in physics laws;) as otherwise the problems may arise and it’s very serious. Some MOD’s devices already come with some parts that may be used in some experiments which are safe to use, so it’s allowed to use them assuming safety.

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