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5 Tips When Vaping For The First Time

5 Tips When Vaping For The First Time

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Are you all set to start vaping, having bought the kit? This isn’t exactly the way things pan out. Now, vaping is not complicated, but you need to keep a couple of things in mind to avoid accidents and embarrassment. Here you'll be able to find first time vaping tips. It just needs a little bit of adaptation and loads of patience. Knowing the right way to vape is essential in enjoying the experience, even though many people fail to consider this factor before exploring the vaping world.


Keeping all that in mind, presenting below is a list of the top five tips that you need to remember when vaping for the first time.

  1. Understanding the Various Types of E-Cigs


With so many types of e-cigarettes available these days, it might feel a bit overwhelming for beginners. So, there are four main types of e-cigs:


  • Cigalike e-cigs: These discreet, small, and lightweight vaping devices look a lot like traditional cigarettes. These are easy to use by beginners because they have pre-filled cartridges to screw to the battery. 

  • Classic vaping kits: and have tanks that you need to fill with vape juices. The kits are for mouth-to-lung vaping, though that we will explain it shortly in the next section.

  • Sub-ohm vaping kits: These are like the classic vaping kits with the battery and refillable tank but help in direct-to-lung vaping.

  • Pod Kits: They are of different types. While some come with pre-filled pods with varying nicotine strengths, some have replacement coils that the users need to replace after burning. 

  • Mechanical mods: Though these kits come in various sizes and shapes and no regulation, the tube form is most popular. Its correct use provides users with superb performance, but incorrect use can be quite dangerous as it has neither any computer chips nor safety features. 

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  1. Invest Only In Premium Vape Juices in the Market


You need to conduct thorough research about the type of vape juice that you want to purchase. Moreover, zoom in on reputable vendors like to get the supplies that you need. After all, a significant part of your vaping experience depends on the quality of vape juice you buy.


The low-quality, cheap e-liquids have impurities that impact your vaping experience. Thus, it is better to opt for premium e-juices that might cost you a bit more but will give you a truly incredible vaping experience. Sticking to reputable brands with food-grade ingredients and medical-grade nicotine is always a good idea.

  1. Deciding Between Different Kinds of Inhaling


A crucial distinction that you need to understand when vaping for the first time is between direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung vaping. You need to know tips about this distinction, as it means you need to inhale a bit differently.


The mouth-to-lung or MTL devices like cigalikes, pod vapes, and e-cigs help you draw the vapor in your mouth before inhalation. It is a lot like smoking, so newbies like you prefer to go this way. The direct-to-lung or DTL devices like the box mods offer airier vapes and get directly inhaled in the lungs. DTL devices are also known as straight-to-lung inhalation devices. The restricted and tighter draw of the MTL devices makes them feel like cigarettes, so people who transition from smoking to vaping prefer these devices.


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  1. Choosing the Right Nicotine Strength for Vaping


For the new vapers, two main factors are to be taken into consideration while choosing the nicotine strength:


  • Your existing smoking habits

  • The type of vaping device you plan to use

If you have been smoking for a while or have a couple of cigarettes every day, you should go for a low nicotine strength of about 0 mg/ml to 3 mg/ml. Only those who have more than a pack of cigarettes per day should go for a larger nicotine strength scale of about 12 to 18 mg/ml or use salt nic juice


Remember that these are only suggestions and not steadfast rules. You can use these as the starting point, but if you find that you like something weaker or stronger, go ahead and give other strengths a try. 


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  1. VG or PG: What to Choose For the Best Experience?


Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) form the base of an e-liquid. The e-liquid brands add different flavors to this base to bring distinctive flavors to each vape juice. VG and PG’s distinction is essential because vapor thickness, throat hit, texture, and taste depend on this.


PG being lighter than VG needs less heating than VG. So, the e-liquids with high VG require box mod devices. Also, the high VG vaping juices usually have a lower nicotine strength. The vape juices with a high PG content generally offer a sharp throat hit that many former smokers prefer. Every vape juice mentions the VG/PG ratio, but you don’t need to pay close attention to that. You only need to know whether you like a higher VG than PG.

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Vaping preferences are as different as the people who have them. The guidelines given here will give you some direction as to how you can start vaping. So, keep these tips in mind and start choosing the right vaping devices and e-liquid for your vaping journey. It won’t be long before you find the right combination of all the factors mentioned here.

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