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Gypser Micro it's a smallest wax pen with ceramic coils. This is an affordable wax pen that offers a portable size, weather proof exterior, lightweight design, and so much more. In addition to these amazing features, this pen also comes in a carrying case, USB retractable charger, extra mouthpiece, two extra coils and a 350MAH battery. Take advantage of everything this vape pen has to offer by placing your order today! 

The Heating Chamber
The atomizer on the Gypser Micro has an oversized chamber so you can load it up with more wax or heavy oils than other brands. The heating element is a "ceramic pancake" style, it works much better than other elements. Ready to use in seconds.

Key Features:
Device lock to prevent against accidental use and overheating. To unlock press 5-times on the button
Discreet. Fits easily in coat or pant pockets, or any other place away of curious eyes
Green LED for full power - White LED for low power
Weather proof. Tested in rain, snow and extreme cold 
High-quality long-life Lithium Ion Battery 350MAH
Convenient retractable USB cable
Ready to use in seconds
Light weight

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