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HighTimes is far more than a website with clever wordplay for a name. It is the most extensive online media for hemp and hemp culture information. It features several subsections targeted at different audiences but united under a common theme – hemp.

The news section includes all relevant and vital information regarding hemp – from case studies (such as the one with the farmer who made $60,000 in the first USA auction) to implications of hemp regulation laws in the USA. The idea is to inform the public about the current debates, arrest cases, and everything related directly or indirectly to the use and regulation of hemp in the USA. It features interesting articles, so it’s worth checking out. is for those not interested in the serious part; there is a subsection labeled “Entertainment.” Check out the #hempWednesday video – the last post is about grannies trying hemp for the first time – fun guaranteed! Apart from funny videos and articles, the section also contains information about “stoner” music and artists, interviews, and interesting facts about hemp and hemp culture.

The website also includes a section with practical information on hemp growth – such as a review of a particular strain, a “top 10” article on 2014 strains, or techniques for using recycled materials for gardening.

HighTimes also had the clever idea to include a “Medical Hemp Directory” on the website, which makes it easier for users to search and find their local places for medical hemp. There is also a “growing guide” for enthusiastic people to grow their own.

The most useful legal subsection informs the readers about their legal rights and how to protect themselves. The page contains several rules off thumbs, such as never to consent to a search (you have a Four Amendment right to do so) or never to put anything that might incriminate you in the trash.

In summary, #HighTimes is heaven for everyone interested in hemp or hemp culture – long-time users, first-timers, and people who would like to learn more or just watch a funny video of a Grammy getting high for the first time! 

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