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How To Get The Perfect Throat Hit When Vaping?

How To Get The Perfect Throat Hit When Vaping?

For many people vaping is all about that sweet throat hit. Right, many vapers like to create that large cloud when they exhale, but you would be surprised how many of them like that throat hit. You might like it without even knowing it. 

A lot of people that do vape don’t even know what a throat hit is. So, before we start talking about how you can achieve the best throat hit possible, let’s see what it is and why it’s so good. 

Throat Hit Explained 


The name says it all. A throat hit is when you feel the vapor hitting your throat when inhaling. Different setups can have a different throat hit sensation. At the same time, not everyone enjoys the same type of hit. 

In most cases, people who love throat hits are the ones who have switched to vaping from smoking. The logic is quite simple; smoking cigarettes produces a throat hit with each toke. Smokers are used to it, and it reminds them of smoking cigarettes but without such major side effects. 

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What Affects Throat Hit Power? 

Depending on the gear you use, your throat hit can feel differently. At the same time, it can be different in strength depending on various factors. Here are some of the major ones. 


The more nicotine you use in e-liquid, the stronger your throat hit will be. However, you should know that salt-based nicotine doesn’t cause a throat hit. You will have to go with freebase nicotine if you want to get this sensation. 

When you choose a vape juice, make sure to check the nicotine content. This is something you shouldn’t overlook. 

The Ratio of PG & VG 

Many e-liquids today have a mixed base of propylene glycol and glycerin. VG is very thick, and it doesn’t have a strong throat hit sensation. Simply put, the more PG your juice has, the stronger the hit will be. 

However, you should bear in mind that this will change how it feels and make your vape less thick. If you like creating dense clouds that will stick around for a while, you might find it difficult.  


Menthol or mint flavor gives a unique sensation. For people who enjoy the throat hit, having menthol in their vapes is a popular option. This is why mint was so prevalent with smokers, and it’s still a favored option among vapers. For a strong throat hit, consider combining your juice with lots of freebase nicotine, PG, and mint. 

Juice Flavor 

When you ask different vapers, they will tell you that flavors offer different throat-hit sensations. There are no rules when it comes to flavors and how they feel. However, most of the time, the richer and stronger a flavor, the weaker its hit will be. 

The Setup You’re Using 

The same vape juice can give you different throat hits on different setups. For example, pod mods are known for their throat hits. This is because these devices completely vaporize juice when used. Box mods with higher power can give strong throat hits because they can be set on high outputs. 

Furthermore, they usually offer several customization options. When using e-cigarettes with very low wattage that aren’t pod mods, you simply can’t expect to have a strong throat hit. 

Coils Matter 

There are different types of coils out there. Their design affects the whole vaping experience. It changes the heating time, cloud production, and the sensation you feel in your throat when you inhale. 

How to Find That Sweet Spot 


We mentioned all of the factors that can affect your throat hit. However, you should start with the three most important aspects. This includes: 

  1. VG to PG ratio 

  2. Nicotine Strength 

  3. Setting up Power Output 

Test out different options with these three settings and find something optimal for your taste. When these three are in sync, you will feel a great hit. From there, you can adjust other things and try out stuff like mint flavor.

At the same time, it’s essential to mind your airflow settings. A lot of e-cigarettes have these settings through which you can change how much air is going through, and with it, change the sensation in your throat. 

Bottom Line 

Remember that strong throat hits aren’t for everyone. If you don’t like it, don’t push it. But if you want to try it out, you will have to test yourself. Tweak one thing at a time, and you will quickly find the perfect combination.


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