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How To Charge Brass Knuckles Battery Pen

How To Charge Brass Knuckles Battery Pen

How To Charge Brass Knuckles Battery Pen

The Brass Knuckles battery device is popularly known as an easy-to-utilize device. It is a fact that even a novice can achieve to operate and maintain it correctly without any help. Still, how to charge Brass Knuckles battery is something that not everyone may find easy to accomplish. Furthermore, if the charging process is not done correctly, issues with the battery may appear. To prevent problems, you'll see below tips on how to charge Brass Knuckles Battery Pen.

How To Charge Brass Knuckles Battery

As mentioned above, it's a straightforward procedure to learn and accomplish. To charge the Brass Knuckles battery, it is only necessary to connect the upper side of the device to the provided USB charger. Next, the USB charger should be connected to an AC/USB adapter. Screw the charger carefully not to damage the thread.

How To Know If Brass Knuckles Battery Is Charging

The Brass Knuckles battery charges entirely in around two hours, but how to know if the Brass Knuckles battery is charging? Thankfully the LED immediately starts blinking when successfully charging. More detailed, the Brass Knuckles battery will initiate flashing three continuous times. Once the battery is ultimately charged, the blinking changes into a constant green light.

How To Charge Brass Knuckles Battery Pen

Brass Knuckles Battery Charging Colors

While charging the Brass Knuckles battery, some colored lights indicate different things may occur. Moreover, the user must acknowledge them to comprehend precisely what the device is "telling" its user. In addition, thanks to the Brass Knuckles battery charging colors, it is easier for the user to comprehend at what stage is the battery of the device, as well as when it is successfully charged or even if an issue appears.

  • White- light on the Brass Knuckles battery may indicate an issue, such as a battery not being correctly or fully connected.​
  • Green- a green light usually appears when the device's battery is wholly and successfully charged.​
  • Red- red light flashes until the battery is successfully fully charged.

Why Is My Brass Knuckles Battery Not Charging?

The thing is, if the device works fine in every other aspect, then the issue may be the charger, adapter, or battery of it. In such a case, it is essential to check if where the charger is connected is all clean and not damaged. Blocked connection ports from dirt may provoke the device not to charge. Additionally, reviewing separately if everything is fine with the charger and adapter is recommended. If everything seems fine and the Brass Knuckles battery device continues not charging, it is advised to contact the manufacturer or the place where the device was purchased. Furthermore, do not try repairing anything with zero acknowledgment of how to operate the device or what the exact issue is.


In conclusion, it can be comfortably said that the Brass Knuckles 510 thread batteries are not complicated at all as a vape device. Furthermore, even if it is considered an easy-to-operate device, some things, such as how to charge it correctly or different other details, are essential to be comprehended by the user.

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