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How To Charge Vape Pen ?

How To Charge Vape Pen ?

How To Charge Vape Pen?

Essential points are how to store, maintain, and even charge the device correctly. Unfortunately, not all devices charge the same, as they can differ in functional features. Furthermore, setting the vape pen incorrectly will quickly disable the battery, a fatal problem if it is built-in. Therefore, we described several points to avoid the issues and answer the question of correctly charging the vape.

Rechargeable Vape Pens- Integrated Battery

Rechargeable vape pens with an integrated battery possess the classic method of charging, which is also considered the most manageable one. Furthermore, this type of vape pen usually provides a charger that functions by USB. So, to charge a rechargeable vape pen with an integrated battery, insert the provided USB cord into the USB port of the vape pen. When the charger cord is plugged into the vape pen, connect it to the power bank, laptop, PC, or charger. Then, the other part of the charger must be inserted into an outlet. Moreover, most rechargeable vape pens possess an LED indicator, indicating whether the device is charging.

Rechargeable Vape Pens- External Battery

The process of charging the rechargeable vape pen with an external battery may seem more complex for a novice, and that is because it is required to extract the battery from the device. To pull the battery, it is necessary to open the pen case. After removing the storm, the user can put it in the external charger and attach the cord to an outlet. It is worth mentioning that an external battery will demand a couple of hours to charge the first time.

Rechargeable Vape Pens- eGo Charger

Rechargeable vape pens with an eGo integrated battery, like the eGo CE4 starter kit, always supply an eGo-USB charger. Moreover, the charging procedure of this type of vape pen is also considered very effortless. It is only needed to tighten the eGo battery into the USB charger and then plug it inside the USB port.


Besides acknowledging how to charge a vape pen appropriately, we have some advice. First, we advise users to bypass setting a vape pen device on a wet surface. Additionally, we strongly recommend not charging near any flammable objects. Furthermore, fully setting before the first time utilizing the device is also recommended.


In conclusion, there is nothing to be scared of. Vaping devices are similar to electronic devices you use daily, like cell phones or wireless earphones. There is nothing to be scared of in vaping options and processes. We suggest reading the user manual before using any electronic device. Charging the vape pen, use only the original charging device and cord. Don't discharge the battery fully, and leave the discharged battery for a short time.

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