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How to know when oil cartridge is empty?

Oil vape pens or cartridges are easy to carry and compact electronic or battery-operated vaporizing tools used to utilize essential oils. As per their usual use, they vaporize certain medically beneficial chemical elements (those too the ones with low combustion points) while leaving behind other harmful chemicals with relatively higher combustion points like the very popular carbon monoxide. And many people ask, how to know when the oil cartridge is empty.

Detailed layout

Though with technological advancements, the same product lands on the market with revamped designs, certain features still remain unchanged in essence. The same is the case with oil vape cartridges. A heating coil, battery, charger, a chamber functioning as a tank or to accommodate cartridges, and a mouthpiece are some prominent parts of this device to get acquainted with.

Understanding how a cartridge works

A cartridge, unlike the way one has to refill tanks, can easily be replaced with another once it has fully been consumed. So, think of them as disposable refills in totality. However, the concern lies in the fact that despite being apparently consumed (as is evident in the case of glass or acrylic casing), some traces of the oil still remain in the atomizer. So, that’s when you can still smell some of the prior traces along with a newly used vapor.

How to know when oil cartridge is empty ?

Here are a few tips to understand how to know when oil cartridge is empty. Apart from the usual test through your naked eye, there are certainly other methods using which you may find out if your previous cartridge has finished. Some of them are:

  1. Keep your eyes on the blue light: Some vape cartridges come with a blue light at the top which basically works as an indicator highlighting a decline in the amount of vapor produced through the use of each cartridge. So, when it lights up, it’s time to say goodbye to the cartridge currently in use.
  2. Have a look at your viewing window: You can find cartridges in the market which have viewing windows for the users to see if the cotton wick inside the atomizer has turned orange indicating a loss of oil in the cartridge. When this happens, you can already start to sense a smoky smell that otherwise doesn’t come off with the use of essential oils.
  3. Say no to sunlight exposure: Acrylic has the tendency to change its color to brown when put into sunlight. So, you better be careful when taking your oil vape pens outside or while using them consistently under daylight at home. That’s because if you rely on observations through your naked eye, you won’t be able to tell when your cartridge is empty through such discolored casing.
  4. After all, they come with expiry dates: Well to save your time in the most convenient of ways, you can simply discard your cartridge in use when it hits the expiry deadline. Although this might not be the case for many users, those taking minimal amounts of vape can find this technique handy as well. 
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