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How to put cartridge in vape pen?

How to put cartridge in vape pen?

How To Put Cartridge In Vape Pen?

The cartridge- is a container usually made of glass, plastic, and metal, prefilled with e-liquid, or empty. The vape cartridges feature pre-filed and empty options. Usually, cartridges are sold separately from vape devices. The vape pens usually feature a standard 510 thread for the cartridge connection, but some manufacturers have innovated alternative connection methods. 

Initial Preparation

Before starting to use your device or installing the cartridge, you need to perform several simple manipulations. To perform its immediate task, the cartridge must provide a constant and attrition-free connection between the device and the cartridge. Ensure the cartridge seat does not contain dirt, debris, or dust. In addition, you need to make sure that the selected cartridge fits the device. Furthermore, the cartridge must be checked to see if it's not leaking.

How To Put Cartridge In Vape Pen [Screw In Type]

Most vape pens feature screw-in connections. This is the most common and reliable type of connection, neither only for vape pens but for box mods and wax vaporizers. The cartridge should be screwed in without effort to avoid damaging the thread. In addition, do not screw the cartridge tightly, as this can damage the pin, which transfers power from the battery to the heating element of the cartridge. 

How To Put Cartridge In Vape Pen [Magnetic Connection]

Some of the devices are equipped with magnetic cartridge connections. When installing a cartridge with this kind of connection, you must also clean the cartridge seat. If there is contamination or dust, the magnetic connection may not be dense, leading to the cartridge falling out or losing connection. Use an adapter [magnetic ring] to install the threaded cartridges in the magnetically mounted devices. Usually, vape cartridges feature 0.5mL or 1.0mL capacity. The difference in capacity makes cartridges taller and shorter, so use the correct magnetic ring. The difference in capacity makes cartridges taller or shorter, so use the correct magnetic ring. [Airis Mystica 510 magnetic ring].

When To Replace A Cartridge

Any cartridge consists of a connecting element, a flask containing a filler, a mouthpiece, and a heating element. The heating element sooner or later fails since it has its resources. The cartridge should be replaced if, during operation, the heating element ceases to heat the liquid enough to create the usual steam and aroma. Sometimes, the liquid can get into the mouthpiece, causing a cartridge failure. Moreover, the cartridge should be replaced if the glass flask is damaged.

Related Advice

It is recommended to avoid cleaning cartridges with water and soap. After the cartridge fails, it is worth sending it for recycling to avoid repeated use. Read the user manual, if available before using any vape device or component.


In conclusion, after the first time, attaching a cartridge becomes routine. However, it is essential to understand what type of connection your device has to clean the connections from dust and dirt. If your device features a screw in connection, don't force the connection process to avoid thread damage.

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