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How to take care of your vape coil?


How should you take care of your vape coil?

Vaping is one of the most common ways of using wax products. The method gained popularity after people realized its various benefits compared to other modes of hemp consumption. This includes its ability to deliver multiple flavors and give out soft hits. You should, however, know that along with getting the best quality vape products from top sellers, knowing a vaporizer also comes with some responsibilities. Without fulfilling those responsibilities, you will end up having fewer quality hits, and your device will not last long enough. The number one responsibility is that you should take care of your vape coil. This is the only way to make sure your vaporizer functions optimally. But then, what is a vape coil, and what does it do? 

A vape coil is a thin wire that resides within the atomizers whose primary function is to turn electric energy to heat energy so that it can vaporize the hemp oil. These parts play a very critical role in a vaping device, and that is why they should undergo maintenance. Some of the best ways to take care of your vape coil include:

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Always prime your vaporizer before vaping

Most people who vape only prime their vaporizers because other people do it, but what they don't know is that it is among the crucial ways to make your coil last longer. Priming using e-liquids to lubricate or saturate the coil of your atomizer. The process is straightforward and precise, but still, other people tend to skip the step. This is why you hear people complaining that their vaporizers deliver nasty taste in their mouths. If you don't prime the wick, you are going to end up having dry hits, and that is bad news for your vape coil. Dry hits tend to reduce their longevity significantly. Another reason why you should prime your vaporizer is for you to end up with flavourful hits. For top-quality vaporizers,it is arguably the safest company having a variety of vaporizers ranging from oil to dry herb.

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Refrain from taking dry hits

Another way you can take care of your vape coil is by refraining from taking dry hits. It is so far one of the most common reasons why most people destroy their vaporizer coils. You will only take a dry puff if the wick on the loop lacks enough e-juice. So to make sure that your cord is always with e-juice, you should avoid pressing the firing button more than required. The best way to prevent this is by using the timer tool to understand how long you need to press the firing button. If you fire too much, you will end up vaporizing all the e-juice from the wick, making it dry. You will then end up having dry hits, and that is going to affect your vape coil in the long run. 

Another way you can refrain from taking dry hits is by taking a few seconds before you take another hit. The time allows the wick to absorb e-juice for you to vaporize and enjoy. This ensures that the wick and the coil are always wet and in optimal condition. You should also make sure your tank has enough vape juice before vaping and maintain low watts when vaping. This is among the essential tips to take care of your coil and also fantastic ways to end up having incredible hits when vaping.

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Always keep your coil clean

Cleaning the coil is not only an excellent vaping practice but also a way of taking care of your coil so that it lasts longer. After a couple of sessions, you should consider cleaning your vape coils. So how do you proceed? First, you will need to make sure that you drain as much e-juice as possible before detaching the coil from the vaporizer. That is to make sure that you don’t waste your e-juice. It is also going to ease the cleaning process. After that, use warm water to clean the coil and remove any debris available. You should then proceed by shaking the coil then drying it overnight so that it doesn’t end up having any moisture or water droplets. That is how people tend to experience uneven heating. 

Once you are sure that your vape coil is completely dry, put it back in the vaporizer and heat it by pressing the heating button. Doing so enables you to ensure that your coil is heating evenly for better vaping. Repeat the heating until you are sure the coil is ready for use. You can then go ahead and prime it before use. Alternatively, those who like thick smoke clouds without having the tension to change coils can try their hands on big daddy glass water bongs.

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Replace your coil when the time is due

It reaches a time when your vaporizer's coil stops performing its functions effectively, even after cleaning. You start getting a burnt taste, and the coil no longer gives you a rich flavor. The best way to put this to an end is to get a new coil and continue having great hits. Just like cleaning, replacing your atomizer coils is quite easy. Once you have a new coil, put it in your atomizer and prime the coil. Priming is mandatory every time you are planning to use a new coil. Don’t go through the agony of having burnt hits and getting a nasty taste due to a vape coil that is no longer effective. Replacing your coil should be the last thing you do after taking care of your coil.

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The above methods are some of the best ways to take care of your vape coil, like the 7 tips to prolong the life of your vaporizer battery. The processes prevent it from aging prematurely and cutting short your vaping sessions. They also make sure that you end up having great hits that are flavourful. Make sure you fill your tank before beginning your vaping sessions and clean your vape coil once in a while. The last thing you want is to have that burnt taste in your mouth whenever you are vaping. The good news is that it is quite easy to clean and replace your coil. You should, however, follow the manufacturers' instructions during replacement because coils vary.

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