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How To Turn On A Vape Pen?

How To Turn On A Vape Pen?

Numerous things can be complicated for some people, even with objects that are very straightforward to utilize. This situation can be effortlessly referred to the vape devices, like vape pens. Suddenly many people, especially novices, find operating or maintaining them formidable. As a vape device, vape pens are pretty uncomplicated and are the best alternative for users with zero experience. However, the most frequent question about vape pen usage is, “how do you turn on a vape pen?”. Thankfully, the question mentioned above can be quickly answered with some short steps, which can be understandable for each user, no matter his level of experience.

How To Turn On A Vape Pen?- Method

In the beginning, charge the battery of the device. Each vape has an LED indicator that blinks when the battery is charged, discharged, or recharged. If the device possesses a power button, more likely such a vape pen features a button-activation system. The process of turning on a vape pen may differ from the model of the device. Most devices with a power button [SMOK Vape Pen V2] turn on by sequentially pressing the button five times [this is a general method, some devices may differ from the main rule]. After this process is done successfully, the LED light should be observable flashing, meaning the battery is activated. If the vape pen holds no buttons, then for sure, it matches the draw-activated mode. In this case, the device turns on by inhaling and shuts down after each puff [this type of vape pen features the easiest operating method]. Another vape pen type is a dual-mode, meaning that the device can be turned on by depressing the button or simply inhaling through the mouthpiece. As mentioned above, everyone must know that these general instructions may not apply to some devices. Another thing that could be more desirable is turning on the device with the empty tank. Such device use is considered untrue and can disable the heating element.


Even for devices like vape pens, some advice is always a good idea to be given for an even better vaping experience or maintenance. For example, we recommend avoiding depressing the power knob [if there is one] with dirty hands, as this can cause dirt to build up around it due to being hard to push. Moreover, never charging the device on a wet surface or near flammable objects is advised. Another thing that many users should consider is keeping their vape pens out of the reach of pets and children. Also, the best advice that can be given is to reach for the help of an experienced person if an issue appears and not try resolving the problem alone at home, having no experience. 

Conclusion on how to turn a vape pen

Usually, each vape package features an instruction guide. So, we suggest reading the manual first before first use. Depending on which device is used, there are two general types of how to turn on a vape pen: inhaling through the mouthpiece or pressing five times on the firing button. If nothing happens, charge the device and try once again. 

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