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How to turn on cookies vape pen?

How To Turn On Cookies Vape Pen?

The Cookies vape pens feature different models; some turn on differently, but with no difficulties. Generally, all Cookies vape pens are straightforward to use and do not require special knowledge. The Cookies vape pens feature three devices: reusable, disposable prefilled, and disposable empty. Below it will be explained individually how to turn on each one of these devices.

Cookies Slim Twist Reusable Vape Pen

Generally, all types of Cookies vape pens feature an uncomplicated way to turn on, but a Slim Twist might seem the most tricky, as it possesses a button. Since the Cookies Slim Twist is a reusable device, first charge the battery. Connect the vape pen to the provided charging 510-thread device to charge the battery. The LED light indicator will be displayed the charging process. When the battery is charged, find the firing button. The Cookies Slim Twist vape pen employs a mechanical turning-on option by sequential fivefold pressing of the firing button. When the device is turned on, the LED indicator will be displayed by flashing. Moreover, two consecutive clicks activate the preheat mode. This mode holds turned on battery for fifteen seconds before automatically shutting off. The firing button is on the device's front side, right in the middle.

Cookies Disposable Vape Pen With Empty Cartridge

A Cookies disposable vape pen with an empty cartridge employs the easiest turning-on method, the same as the disposable device with a prefilled cartridge. However, this type of vape pen features no firing button, so it turns on by puff from the mouthpiece. Besides, the only thing that needed to be accomplished before turning on the device was filling its cartridge, which was empty when purchased.

Cookies Disposable - Prefilled

Undoubtedly the Cookies disposable prefilled vape pen is even more straightforward than the empty variant one, as the only thing needed to accomplish after taking off the device from its package is to activate it. This procedure can be accomplished with zero acknowledgment on vape pens in general, as one needs to puff from the mouthpiece to activate.


Even for such straightforward and uncomplicated devices as every sort of Cookies vape pen, some advice is needed before utilizing them. One essential piece of advice we give is to read an instruction guide first or reach for the help and advice of an experienced one before using them. Moreover, we strongly recommend keeping the vape pen always clean, as dirt can gather around the power button [if there is any] or in the cartridge or mouthpiece, which can cause significant problems. Additionally, we advise keeping such devices away from the reach of youngsters and pets. Finally, knowing the consequences of vaping is also very advised before purchasing any Cookies vape pen.

Conclusion How To Turn On Cookies Vape Pen

In conclusion, no matter what type of Cookies vape pens you have, they are the most suitable option for novices because of their easiness of use. Furthermore, it is easy to turn on a Cookies vape pen, no matter the model.

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