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How To Use A Vape Pen

How To Use A Vape Pen

Vape pens are trendy nowadays, as they are famous for their discreetness and ease of use. The vape pen is the cartridge or tank attached to the battery. The battery supplies current to the heating element of the cartridge and heats the essence, which contains flavors, nicotine, and a large type of active elements. However, even if this type of e-cigarette seems comfortable, new users usually know how to use it properly. Thankfully, the query "how to use a vape pen" possesses brief and precise responses, which can be comprehended even by novices. Moreover, the procedure of using a vape pen can differentiate by the sort of it, which will be clarified in the following lines.

Preparation Method - Filling

Before powering on and getting started on a vaping session, it is essential to fill the compartment for the filler. As mentioned above, this process can differ depending on the sort of vape pen. Generally, vape pens employ tanks and cartridges. In the case of cartridges, the filling hole is hidden under the removable mouthpiece. Therefore, pay attention to using a filler compatible with the cartridge type. The compartments, which are called tanks, feature a top-filling system. Usually, the filling hole is protected with the silicon stopper and hidden under the top cap. Unlike cartridges, the tank employs removable heating elements with cotton filler. After the first filling, soak the heating element for ten minutes to prevent burn-out.

Turning On A Vape Pen 

Devices of this type are considered the easiest to use, as they only have one button. Generally, they are divided into button-activated as well as draw-activated devices. Button-activated vape pens, such as the GV Max battery vape pen, power on by merely depressing the power button [five times rapidly]. The button is paired with the led indicator, indicating when the device is powered. The draw-activating devices turn on by puffing from it.


The charging procedure of a vape pen is effortless, even for a novice, as it does not demand an instruction guide. Vape pens invariably come with a charging cord [Type-C or Micro-USB]. In addition, some of the vape pens feature 510-thread USB charging devices. For the device to commence charging, that USB cord must be attached to a computer or charging device, or the 510-thread charging device must be screwed to the device and plugged into the power. The recharging process is displayed by a LED indicator, which is usually integrated into the power button. The charging process takes around 3 hours, depending on the battery power and charging port.


Any vape pen is an electronic device and requires proper use. Before charging the device, ensure that the surface on which the device will be located is dry. Do not use homemade or non-original charging cords and devices; this can damage your vape pen. Also, please don't leave the device in sunlight; store it in a warm and dry place.


For the correct use of the device, several mandatory actions will be required. First of all, the battery of the device must be charged. Then, after fully recharging the battery, fill the cartridge or tank with the pre-selected filler and install it on the device. Finally, turn on the device by pressing the button five times in a row.



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