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How to Use a Vape Pen with Oil, Wax, E-Juice & Dry Herb

How to Use a Vape Pen with Oil, Wax, E-Juice & Dry Herb

How to Use a Vape Pen with Oil, Wax, E-Juice & Dry Herb 

Vape pens are becoming more popular in the hemp products hemp industry since people use them to consume hemp oils, wax, dry herb, and e-juice. Vape pens are relatively new, and they come in different models to suit the needs of users.

Presently, more people are using vape pens to quit smoking since they do not expose a user to health risks. Research shows that long-term use of e-cigarette is unlikely to cause significant health concerns.  

They are electronic devices that heat substances to produce vapor. Luckily, various types of vape pens are available. Some come prefilled with different substances and are disposable. Other vape pens require filling with preferred concentrate, and of course, are reusable. 

Vape pens come in distinct sizes and shapes, including boxes, rectangular, and cylinders. They also have tanks. Besides pricing, different models come in various features like:

  • Interchangeables cartilages.
  • Voltage settings.
  • Bluetooth syncing.
  • Display screens 

Here is how to use a vape pen with various concentrates:

A vape pen with oil

Before using a vape pen, it is wise to dry run it, mainly if it is new. It is a process that hopes to burn off factory debris that may otherwise damage the lungs when one vape. Get outdoors and turn it on for thirty to ninety seconds on its highest setting. 

The stepwise instructions include:

  • Load the tank – dab the oil in small quantities directly onto the surrounding wick or atomizer. Typically, you load the oil into a tank that drips onto the pen’s atomizer. 
  • Turn on the vape pen by pressing its push-button, and a light will appear to show that it is on. 
  • Put the mouthpiece to the lips and start to draw in the atomized hemp oil. 
  • At the end of your puff, pull in clear air to push the pot elements into the lungs. Holding the draw for a long time can make a person dizzy. Thus, ensure to hold it for a few seconds. 

Remember to observe how the body reacts to the first puff, mainly if using hemp oil since it is a highly-concentrated hemp flower. Therefore, go easy by starting small and gradually increase the draw.  Alternatively, First-time users can get help and start including dry herbs in their vape pens.

A vape pen with wax 

Using a vape pen with wax requires you to prepare the concentrate to load onto the pen. Gather a small quantity at the end of the vape pen. Most vape pens allow you to load a BB-sized quantity (0.1g) at a time. However, the depth of the coil and extract and the consistency of the extract can allow you to put a little more on a finger’s tip to load it. 

Here are the instructions:

  • Gently apply the wax directly on top of the coil. Ensure that the vape tool does not touch the coil. Typically, vape pens having small, shallow atomizers are easy to use because their coil is close to the top. Break the wax into small pieces if it is not pliable or mushy, and load it into the chamber 30-50%. 
  • Prime the wick to melt down the wax around and onto the coil. It helps produce more steady hits and better vapor from the start. However, it is not a must to do this with each vape. 
  • Vape the wax. 

A vape pen with e-juice 

Vaping is stress-relieving and helps combat health problems without bringing toxic elements to a person’s body. Nonetheless, the following instructions help use a top-fill vape pen with e-juice:

  • Disassemble the vape pen’s tank – take off the airflow base at the bottom of the vape pen. Pull out the coil from inside. It is advisable to clean out the tank if you are changing flavors. 
  • Put a drop of the e-liquid onto every cotton opening in the coil. Loosen the top to fill the dropper with preferred e-liquid. Grasp the coil straight between the pointer finger and thumb. Put a drop of preferred e-juice onto every cotton opening in the coil. There are about six holes.
  • Take away the top connector from the pen’s tank. It will reveal the access points for your e-liquid. Hold up the dropper part of the e-juice bottle against the inside of the tank. Squeeze in the e-juice until up to the horizontal hash spot, which shows fullness. 
  • Reassemble the vape pen back.
  • Allow two to three minutes for the coil to saturate before vaping. 

A vape pen with dry herb 

Most vape pens for dry herb are small to suit discretion needs. It is advisable to grind the weed to achieve a fine substance to increase the surface area. Thus, the device will heat the dry herb evenly for you to get all of the terpene, and flavor in the vapor.

The process involves:

  • Unscrew the pen’s chamber to put the dry herb on the glass screen. 
  • Make sure to load the hemp bud up to the maximum point and smoothly pack it down.
  • To turn it on, press its front button five times.
  • Allow about three seconds for the vape pen to heat.
  • Once your mouth is on the mouthpiece, press the button to start drawing. 

For the best vape experience, extend draws to about eight to nine seconds. Draw slowly and shorten draws to about a second if you realize that the herb is burning. It makes a big difference as it helps one enjoy vaping than irritating the throat. 

Things to remember when using a vape pen:

Cleaning – ensure to clean the vape pen as needed. 

Charging – reusable vape pens come with a USB cable that charges them. Thus, make sure to charge it fully.

Read the user manual – it helps understand how to use it, how to assemble its parts, and how to charge. 


Vape pens help people vape various substances, including oil, dry herb, wax, and e-liquid. Fortunately, they are easy to use and depending on what you vape, the above ways ensure that your vaping is successful. 

People vape for many reasons, including to relax, fight stress, combat health issues, and for fun. Vaping cannabis comes with various health benefits. A study reveals that medical marijuana can help treat epilepsy, chronic pain, and Parkinson’s disease.

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