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Innokin Cool Fire Ecig Mod Starter Kit Review

Innokin Cool Fire Ecig Mod Starter Kit Review

Innokin has developed a number of starter kits for their electronic cigarette and vaping products. The Cool Fire Vape Mod Starter Kit represents one of the more popular versions they offer. Of course, the reputation of the Innokin vaping products is such that many consumers have a great deal of trust in the brand.

The Cool Fire is by all appearances a no-nonsense, straightforward e-cigarette starter kit, but is it really worth the price and what features does it bring?

What it Includes

This Innokin product contains what you might expect in an e-cigarette starter kit, particularly one that is well suited for those just starting out.

-        iTaste Cool Fire Mod

-        iClear 30 Clearomizer

-        Universal Charger

-        2x 18350 Ultra Fire Batteries

-        Owner’s Manual & Warranty


Although the Innokin Cool Fire appears at first to be a standard vaping product, it does include a number of advantages that makes it worth a second look.

-        Reverse battery circuit protection

-        Regulated output power

-        Short circuit protection

-        Low voltage & Overheat warning

-        Solid, durable construction


The Innokin Cool Fire Ecig Mod Starter Kit has certainly proved to be one of the better vaping kits on the market today. While it lacks the flash of some other models, the Cool Fire more than makes up for it when it comes to reliability, durability and longevity.  For those who are searching for a solid, reliable vaping unit, the Innokin Cool Fire is certainly one of the better products on the market today. 

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