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Joytech Ego One Mega XL 2200MAH Starter Kit Review

Joytech Ego One Mega XL 2200MAH Starter Kit Review

Joytech Ego One Mega XL 2200MAH Starter Kit Review

Many e-cigarette starter kits are often designed for those who know about such devices and do not take into account those who are just starting out. The Joytech Ego One Mega XL is a vape that is an exception to that rule as it is designed for everyone. Joytech has gone out of its way to create a complete e-cigarette experience that is approachable by anyone, whether they have seen an e-cig before or not.

However, does it really work and live up to its reputation? Only a review of what it includes, the advantages it offers, and whether it will work for you will reveal the truth.

What it Includes

What follows are all designed specifically for the Joytech eGo One unit, a singular series that was built from the ground up to be the ultimate starter kit.

-        Battery

-        Atomizer Tube

-        2x CL Atomizer Head 0.5/1.0 ohm

-        Atomizer Base

-        One Metal and One Organic Glass Mouthpieces

-        USB Cable

-        Wall Adapter

-        Owner’s Manual

-        Warranty Card


There are several advantages to this remarkable e-cig starter kit beginning with the familiarity that many tobacco smokers will see thanks to the e-cig being the size of a traditional cigarette.

-        A very small advanced personalized vaporizer for easy handling

-        Excellent vaping action

-        USB cable battery charging

-        Can vape while charging the battery


All things considered, the Joytech Ego One Mega XL 2200 MAH Starter Kit is the perfect way for newcomers to be introduced to e-cigarettes. This very well-designed and exceptionally crafted e-cig starter kit makes it easy for anyone trying to give up tobacco to find a familiar, easy-to-use system. 

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