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Juice Monkey by Boardwalk Vapor

Juice Monkey by Boardwalk Vapor

Juice Monkey by Boardwalk Vapor

Boardwalk Vapor e juice made the ultimate unique flavor with their new Juice Monkey e juice. Juice Monkey by Boardwalk Vapor Liquids perfectly combines pina colada and banana. Juice Monkey by Boardwalk Vapor tastes like banana and pina colada combined to make a great vape. It may sound like an uncommon and possibly strange flavor, but we love it. Juice Monkey will give a unique ability to have a fantastic and sweet vape.

Boardwalk Vapor e-liquids are the product of dedicated California e juice makers who can be credited with making Boardwalk Vapor e juices to expose vapors to California coastal structures. They are focused on making all their flavors with USA-made ingredients. All Boardwalk e juices and liquids are made in ISO7 cleanrooms. When vaping Boardwalk, you will be pleased with the tasty flavors and the quality of the flavor. Boardwalk Vapor's Electric Daisy, Freakshow, Captain Crusty, Bombshell, and Juice Monkey represent the eclectic mix of "characters" who hang out, work out, perform, or fish along the Boardwalk. Boardwalk bottled the beach lifestyle so you can take it home, load your tank and take a fat rip.

Vaping this Boardwalk Vapor e-juice is a crazy flavor combination of banana and pina colada. In addition, this Boardwalk e-juice Juice Monkey flavored e juice by Boardwalk Vapor liquids is a lovely flavor. Vaping this Boardwalk Vapor flavor Juice Monkey is a sweet treat and an excellent flavor extravaganza. This e-liquid delivered above and beyond everyone's expectations. Juice Monkey is available in 15 ml, 30ml, and 120ml bottles with a Dripper and is the best "all-day" vape.

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