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Lost Art Liquids Unicorn Puke Review

Lost Art Liquids Unicorn Puke Review

Lost Art Liquids Unicorn Puke Review

Lost Art Liquids Unicorn Puke Review.  Unicorn Puke by Lost Art Liquids is an e-juice that tastes like rainbow sherbet ice cream. Vaping this Unicorn Puke Lost Art Liquid e-juice is like eating rainbow sherbet ice cream on a hot day. This Unicorn Puke Lost Art Liquid e-juice Unicorn Puke flavored e-juice by Lost Art Liquids is a fantastic rainbow sherbet ice cream blend. Vaping this Unicorn Puke Lost Art Liquids flavor is a nostalgic treat and an excellent flavor extravaganza for vaping devices

Lost Art Liquid e-liquids are the product of dedicated Los Angeles e juice makers who started out with their own vaping device stores in the US before making their excellent Lost Art Liquids available to the world vaping market. They are focused on making all their flavors nostalgic 90s flavors. When vaping the Lost Art Liquids you will be reminded of the 90s, of the good old days. Lost Art Liquids main focus is to produce their e-juices with the highest quality ingredients. They never put any additives or food coloring in their liquids. They opened with Kaptain Krunch, Unicorn Puke, And Strawberries and Cream.

Most Lost Art vape Liquids are sweet and delicious; that is what Lost Art Liquids are known for. When smoking a Lost Art Liquids e-juice, you will be smoking quality flavors that the creators have taken the time to make the best most 90’s nostalgic flavor. Unicorn Puke is a tasty rainbow sherbet ice cream flavor. The great thing about Unicorn Puke is you can get all the joy of eating tasty sweet ice cream on a hot Sunday afternoon, but while vaping, you can enjoy that feeling and nostalgic memories throughout your regular day. This e-liquid delivered above and beyond everyone's expectations. Unicorn Puke is available in 15 ml, 30ml, and 120ml bottles with a Dripper. Lost Art Liquids Base liquid: 70% PG/ 30%VG. 

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