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7 Marketing Tips To Promote Your Vape Business

If you look at the last decade, the one buzzword that dominated every conversation is the vape business. Such is the popularity of vaping that the market is expected to grow to $61 billion by 2025. Even though vaping is a trend today, there are strict regulations and bans on vape promotion or advertising and products related to it. Owing to it, promoting a vape business to the right audience can become a tricky task. You can still manage to build the brand and attract customers if you carefully navigate your way through the restrictions.

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How can you promote your vape business?

Whether you are a vape manufacturer or shop owner, you have to carefully devise a marketing plan while keeping in mind the ban on social media and online advertising. 

Do you want to promote your vape business but are wondering how to do so? Here are seven marketings tips to help you promote the vape business:


1.       Focus on awareness:

The popularity of vaping is skyrocketing, but many people are still unaware of the basics. They are still trying to figure out the different vaping devices, their uses, and even effects. As a vape brand, you can leverage this opportunity to educate the users. It will help you persuade the vape users to try your products and create a segment of new users who are only becoming familiar with vapes. Focus on creating informative and educational content for the users and publish it regularly on your website to create awareness about vaping.  


2.        Focus on link building:

The best way to generate organic traffic for your online store or website is to appear high on search engine result pages. Link building is the best way to improve your ranking. You can find other popular websites of the vaping industry and ask them to add links to your website. Backlinks on other websites act as an indicator for Google that your site is a quality source worthy of citation. It will ensure that your organic ranking gets a boost and also improve your Domain Authority (DA). You can seek the help of a quality link-building agency to make this task easy and simplified for you.


3.    Use keywords:

When it comes to digital marketing, there is nothing more important than keywords. If you’re new to this concept, keywords are popular phrases or terms used by users to search for relevant products or services. For a vape business, the appropriate keywords can be vape, vape juice, vaporizer, vaping, among many others. You can conduct thorough keyword research using free tools like Google Keyword Planner to find the list of relevant keywords. Using these keywords in the blog posts or on product pages will ensure your website or store appears on top of search engine results. It will help bring more traffic to the store and boost your sales.

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4.       Leverage social media:

Social media platforms are emerging as a savior for many businesses. If you’re looking for a way to connect directly to your target audience, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be an ideal solution for you. While you cannot advertise vape products on these applications, you can still post about your products and get customer feedback. You can create an account for your vape business on the platforms, post regular and relevant content about your brand, and interact with the vast community of vape enthusiasts present there. It will help you build a positive perception of your brand and promote your products.  


5.       Email marketing:

While there are restrictions on advertising vape products online, you can surpass them by adopting a suitable email marketing campaign. By sending regular emails to the target audience, you can communicate with them. You have the complete freedom to curate customized messages for different segments of the target audience. To ensure that, you must understand the demographics and consumer behavior to identify the pain points and then target them. Besides being a highly economical option, email marketing also allows you to track your marketing strategies’ results precisely. You can ascertain the engagement by checking the conversion rates and open rates of the emails.

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6.       Register on online directories:

Online directories are the digital version of the age-old business directories. Almost every popular search engines like Bing or Google has its business directories, and you can list your business on it. Whenever a user searches for a business related to your field, they can access information through the online directory. You can add a valid name, address, contact information, and operating hours to help the customers. If you operate only in a particular geographical area, you can find local business directories for SEO.


7.       Create video content:

Much like social media platforms, YouTube also offers you access to a wider target audience. The video streaming platform gets over 30 million daily views, and you can find a vast vaping community there. You can create exciting video content around your products, highlighting their features or uses, and post them on YouTube to promote your business. By collaborating with famous vapers, you can further increase your reach and promote your products.

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Although it is challenging to promote a vape business, it is not entirely impossible. You must find a way to overcome the barriers with the right marketing tricks. Devise a marketing plan with the tips given above to promote the vape business and abide by the rules and regulations!

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