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Miso Juicy by Five Star Juice

Miso Juicy by Five Star Juice

Miso Juicy by Five Star Juice

Some days you just need a pick-me-up type of e juice flavor. That is why Five Star e juice company created Miso Juicy. This flavor is an intense flavor combination of citrus fruit and a tangy splash of flavor. This Five Star E Juice Miso Juicy flavored e juice by Five Star is a fantastic blend of that sour fruit flavor that everyone loves. Vaping this Five Star Miso Juicy E Juice flavor is a sweet and sour flavor that will liven your taste buds. 

Five Star E juice is a company dedicated to making unique flavors. Even more, important to Five Star is the quality of their juices. Five Star prides itself in following all FDA regulations. Five Star is focused on making the safest E juice out of all the e juices on the market. Five Star prides itself on its renowned chemists, considered top of the line in the e juice industry. Five-star juice is committed to the satisfaction of our vaping community by only using the finest & purest ingredients from local suppliers in Southern California. Five Star VG/PG blends are 60/40 for their flavors and 70/30 & 80/20 for specific shop apps on request. All Five Star E Juice flavors are available in 15ml, 30ml, and 120ml.

Five Star MIso Juicy flavor has a perfect amount of sweetness that doesn't overload the taste buds and is complex enough to want to search for a new hint with every inhale. This particular Five Star E Juice changes it from a sweet inhale to a relaxing exhale with a perfect subtlety that allows inhaling after inhale without boring the flavor, rather piquing your interest. It's the perfect e juice for any cereal or fruit lovers. You will love MIso Juicy by Five Star. The throat hit is excellent, and the vapor production is decent. It's an authentic flavor that took some research. So many companies pump out mediocrity in hopes of riding this wave of e-liquid sales. Five Star e juices know what they are doing, and mediocrity is not what they aim for. This e-liquid delivered above and beyond everyone's expectations.

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