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Vaping Myth Buster: Top 5 Myths About Vaping

Vaping Myth Buster: Top 5 Myths About Vaping

Vaping Myth Buster: Top 5 Myths About Vaping

With the advent of modernization, people look out for digital renovation more. One such transformation in the urban world is a switch from traditional smoking to vaping. In recent years, vaping is taking over the market for various reasons. It limits the amount of tar and replaces the toxic gases with nicotine vapors. However, there are many myths associated with vaping and related instruments. Some people believe that vape might cause popcorn lung, while others state it to be more harmful than smoking. Here are the top myths about vaping and the facts behind such absurd and illogical myths.

1. “Vaping Is As Harmful As Smoking”


Most people cultivate a misconception that vaping is equivalent to traditional smoking in the health aspects. Traditional smoking causes a build-up of smoke and toxic chemicals in your mouth. Due to the abundance of tar, it also causes accumulation in your lungs and surrounding vital organs. However, the vape gear converts the flavors and chemicals into the water before ingestion. You will likely keep the smoke and foul odor at bay with vaping. Most of the damage caused due to smoking arises from the smoke and tar. That way, vaping becomes much safer and more secure than traditional smoking. 

Even better, vaping might help chain smokers quit the detrimental habit. You must switch to modern methods and transform your life. Not only does it protect your body from carbon monoxide, but it also helps in getting rid of unhealthy habits. It’s time to grab the indica flower and start your vape journey to curb addiction. 

2. “E-cigarettes Can Explode”

Traditional smokers try to win the argument by stating the vape gear’s ability to explore. However, your vape gear, as well as batteries, are much safer than cigarettes. Like every other electrical appliance, you must care for your vape gear. Be it the battery or the vape tank, you can’t compromise on the parts’ salubrity. Make sure to clean your vape gear regularly. 

Also, ensure that the air bubbles don’t build up between the tank and the seal. When cleaning the gear, you must use warm water and dry the gear before adding the pieces back together. With proper maintenance and cleaning, you can take good care and prevent the vape gear from explosions. Also, refrain from carrying the batteries in your pocket. 

3. “Vaping Is More Addictive Than Smoking”

Most smokers believe that they might end up becoming more addicted to vaping. Research suggests that vaping, instead of traditional smoking, is quite effective in curbing addiction. Also, it delivers much less nicotine even after using the highest strength of e-liquids available. You will likely get rid of unhealthy behaviors if you take refuge in vaping. There’s no doubt in the fact that vaping exposes you to nicotine. However, the amount and strength of nicotine via e-cigarettes are much lower. 

With the conversion of liquids into harmless gases and water, vape gear enables you to perform smoking without any side effects. It also reduces pulmonary diseases due to lesser quantities of tar, carbon monoxide, and chemicals. Traditional smoking leads to the deterioration of several organ systems and causes large tar deposits in the body. Hence, you might switch to vaping for a safe and regulated smoking session. 

4. “Vaping Will Give You Popcorn Lung”

Popcorn lung is the pulmonary manifestation resulting from inhalation of diacetyl found in popcorn factories. It causes deterioration of the lung tissues and leads to significant impairment in breathing. Many smokers believe that vaping might lead to popcorn lung. Some vape liquid flavors contain a slight amount of diacetyl, which led to such myths. However, significant diacetyl might cause popcorn lung via vaping. In reality, traditional smokers receive more chemicals than the ones who stick to vaping. Vaping doesn’t cause popcorn lung and is much safer than smoking cigarettes. Also, it helps reduce the frequency and addictive behaviors of smokers. 

5. “Vaping Is More Expensive Than Cigarettes”


Another myth that revolves around taping is related to the cost. Many smokers refrain from modern smoking due to their money-related misconceptions. If you think vaping costs are much more extensive than cigarettes, you must get your facts right. Only the initial costs of buying the vape gear are a bit higher than the pack of cigarettes. Once you get reliable vape gear, you must purchase the coils and e-liquids. Hence, you are likely to save some extra pennies by vaping. Not to forget, it also helps in reducing health concerns and keeps you safer in comparative terms. Ensure you get your share of vape gear and curb the addictive patterns in no time. 

Bottom Line 

Traditional smoking exposes you to harmful chemicals and affects your holistic well-being. Also, it might promote the ingestion of carbon monoxide and tar from the smoke. Despite the many harmful effects of cigarettes over vaping, people continue spreading illogical myths about the latter. You must know the correct facts and instill the comparative health benefits of vaping in your body. It keeps you from addictive patterns and replaces carbon monoxide with water vapors. You can also eliminate the addiction by replacing traditional smoking methods with vaping habits. 

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