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New Trends Will Innovate How You Vape This Year

New Trends Will Innovate How You Vape This Year

It is a new year, and that means recent trends. Every year a new generation comes in, offering a distinct flair to the current culture. This year there is so much to expect from the vaping industry. 

It will be an exciting year for vapers out there. Manufacturers of vapes have upped their game this 2021. You will see innovations that will elevate your vaping experience. Here are some trends to watch out for.  

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Better Devices

This 2021, vapes are coming in with a new look—a fresh look that is not only about aesthetics but about functionality. 

Vapes are seen as fragile gadgets. Once you have dropped it, you might as well say goodbye. Vapes today will become much more resilient to damages. There are designs of vapes being waterproof, shockproof, and dust resistant. More of these kinds of designs will be flooding the market.

Hybrid Systems

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There are two types of vape systems: mod and pod system. Pod systems are clip-on cartridge devices, while mod systems are vapes with screwed-in tanks that offer more power and functions.   

Today, some hybrids combine the two systems. Pod mods give users more freedom to customize their vape experience. Hybrid systems have the power and advanced functions of a mod but with the compatibility feature.  

Vape Juice

You will go crazy with the different flavors you can try this year. Creators of are excited about integrating essential oil into vape juice. Essential oils are accepted and legalized in other states. 

Users will appreciate the additional health benefits brought by the essential. It is said that essentially reduces anxiety and chronic pain. It also helps those who have insomnia. 

Sustainable Products

A lot of industries are moving towards becoming eco-friendly - producing sustainable products. The vape industry is also moving towards that initiative. 

Biodegradable filters have been introduced to the market. There are also steps in using recyclable materials for packaging. Sooner or later, battery recycling stations will also be established. These are just a few things done to reduce carbon footprint. 

Longer Battery Life

Today, with any kind of gadget, battery life is crucial. Thankfully, vape’s batteries are getting an upgrade. One of the trends that vapers will be excited about is that their vapes will have longer battery life. 

You would not need to charge your device continually. The battery life will last longer without charging. 

Bluetooth Connectivity 

Of course, technology keeps on thriving. Even vapes can be connected to your smartphones via Bluetooth. Smartphone integration is only a start this year but will undoubtedly continue to progress in the future. 

With vapes linked to your phones, you can track your usage. You will be able to track your number of puffs, when and where you used your device and other stats. 

It will be a fantastic year for those who are vape users and those planning to get one. These are just some trends to look out for this year. There are a lot of upgrades that will bring better satisfaction to you. Vape this 2021 will be sustainable, resilient, long-lasting, thoughtful, and versatile. Since vapes are getting an upgrade, so thus your experience.

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