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A New Type of Vape pen on the Market

A New Type of Vape pen on the Market

A New Type of Electronic Cigarette on the Market

It seems that every vape pen marketer is claiming that they have a new product for the marketplace as it is part of the advertising game. However, the fact is that virtually all ecig products work off the same basic principle. However, a company called PAX is now claiming that they have a new type of ecig product that does indeed sound different in principle.

This new process was based on research that focused on how nicotine was delivered in both standard and combustible electronic cigarettes. In essence, all vape pen use the same chemistry-nicotine principle in how they deliver the content to the vaper. Interestingly enough, in tobacco cigarettes they use nicotine mixed with organic salt which is different than vape pen which vaporize nicotine in a liquid form.

This new approach managed to reverse engineer the process of creating nicotine salts and the result is a delivery system that is substantially different than the vaporization process for e-liquids. The results are being called a “night and day” difference between how the two work and will mimic smoking a cigarette to a far greater degree than any vape pen that uses nicotine in liquid form. The use of nicotine salts which can be combusted and absorbed into the system has yet to hit the market. However, the promise of this new approach has the electronic cigarette industry talking about its potential success.

The new type of e-cig has yet to be named, but it certainly appears that it will be marketed as a new, more realistic experience for those who want to have their e-cigs mimic tobacco cigarettes to an even greater degree. Currently, there is no release date or word on the cost, but the company is promising to start releasing more details in the near future. The goal is to help convert even more tobacco smokers into becoming vape pen users as the rate currently is quite low. 

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