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O2VAPE Flip Ultra Review

O2VAPE Flip Ultra Review

After persistently seeing this voguish Flip Ultra device around the vast vaping community, I decided to finally purchase one, and today I want to share everything I discovered while using this contemporary Key FOB style battery from O2VAPE. The company itself is renowned for its many vaping wonders, so it’s no surprise they are the ones to introduce this patented upgrade to the most advanced 510 key fob vape pen. There are imitators out there, which I have extensively sampled, but the Flip Ultra is special and I will enumerate all the reasons why, from the device statistics to my direct user experience.

Stylishly combining the key fob design with all of the convenience of a miniature vape mod, the Flip Ultra is about 3” tall and 1.5” in wide, giving it all the convenience of being compact, light, and comfortable to use. Yet, it delivers potent vapor production with its powerful and long-lasting 650mAh battery. The screen turns on automatically when the cartridge is flipped out and turns off automatically when you click the cartridge back in place. To turn the device off, all you need to do is click the cartridge back in while holding the flip button. I can manually lock the device by using the switch on the back to prevent powering on and firing in my bag or pocket, which protects the oil and battery life, not to mention prevents other accidental disadvantages that occur with most other devices. To flip the cartridge out, I simply press the flip button in the upper left corner of the device, just like my actual car key. The display is nice, very bright, and easy to read with a useful puff counter. To reset the puff counter, I press the larger round button near the screen, which is the fire button, simultaneously with the adjustment button two times. I always use this feature to determine the efficacy and adequacy of the oil cartridge I’m vaping on. 

O2VAPE Flip Ultra Review
The digital screen additionally displays battery life and voltage. The smaller round button effortlessly cycles through voltage in 0.1-volt increments all the way to 4.8 volts. The O2VAPE Flip Ultra provides more than enough voltage for all of my favorite oil carts and throughout over a decade of concentrate vaping, I have definitely tested every top brand. I typically like to set my stick batteries to 3.9 volts. That seems to be the sweet spot to get the most out of popular cartridge brands. For more viscous oils and distillates, the Flip Ultra can easily be turned up to 4.5 volts for an effective, strong puff. I alternate between 3.9 volts and 4.5 volts, depending on the cartridge and desired draw intensity. The Flip Ultra goes all the way down to 2.7 volts, which can be useful for more diluted concentrates, but I have rarely encountered those and do not recommend them in general because of lower potency and the substances used to dilute them. The power output is uniquely and impeccably consistent, unlike the disappointing performance of most other stick batteries. The Flip Ultra puts out the same voltage on a low battery as it does on a full charge. The battery capacity doesn’t just deliver reliable hits but also outlasts my other devices on a single charge. 

O2VAPE Flip Ultra Review
All these upgrades are some of the many features that truly make the Flip Ultra superior to many other FOB key vaping devices that may appear similar. The Flip Ultra has an award-winning ceramic cell cart with a polished gunmetal finish to boot, but it is compatible with most 510-thread oil cartridges. To release the 510 connection, I simply press on the protruding button on the upper left side of the device, just above the Flip Ultra logo. O2 VAPE obviously recommends the slimmer-style cartridges for this device, which is the only limitation. Otherwise, it can accommodate most 0.5 and 1-mL carts seamlessly, and those are the most common cart sizes on the market. The kit includes a standard micro USB and a lightning charging port, which means I can charge on my many spares. It also has a tiny loop in the corner to hook on a key ring or onto a lanyard. I prefer the lanyard when I’m at social gatherings, especially out by the pool. During the week, when I’m informal settings such as work, I prefer to attach it to my key chain with a special detachable ring, so I always know where it is and can easily remove it from the rest of my keys for a soothing drag. Besides the specific attributes and device data, there are many practical applications that make the Flip Ultra my current vape device top choice. The small and discreet design easily fits into pockets and conceals the cartridge within the fetching matte black rubber finish casing, which allows me to complete privacy. Some people are extremely cautious with their vape devices, but my active lifestyle has rendered many devices useless, so the Flip Ultra’s sturdy construction gives me peace of mind and an electronic cigarette with impressive durability. The great flipping feature and locking mechanism provide extra protection for the more fragile cartridge. When I need to use the Flip Ultra, I can quickly take a puff on the go, as it turns on and off automatically. The cartridge flips out instantly, making every drag immediately available on demand. The battery life is very long and lasts me at least a day, but sometimes three. That’s a huge advantage over the many devices I’ve had since I do vape with high frequency. Another plus, when I simply can’t resist the need for a hit, the Flip Ultra has passive charging, also referred to as pass-thru charging, which means I can use it while it is recharging through the micro USB. If you are a cannabis enthusiast looking for an easy-to-use and simple vaporizer that is compact and reliable, you must try the Flip Ultra. The affordable device is guaranteed to give you a wonderful vapor experience and last for a long time. The Flip Ultra will quickly become your favorite way to vape cartridges!

O2VAPE Flip Ultra Review

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