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How To Overcome Methadone Addiction With Kratom?

How To Overcome Methadone Addiction With Kratom?

The opioid epidemic is one of the most pressing problems for federal organizations across the world. Statistics suggest that over 130 people die every day in the United States of America due to opioid overdose. In many cases, these are simple medications such as sleeping pills, depression, or anxiety medication. But sometimes they are synthetic drugs such as heroin and fentanyl. The treatment and rehabilitation process of opioid addiction alone costs over $78.5 billion per year in the country.


The intensity of the problem is yet to come under control, calling for safe and efficient recovery processes and methods. While the epidemic is a common problem across the world, countries such as Malaysia found a rather safe and natural remedy to treat opioid addiction and prevent overdosing. They utilize the power of kratom that originates from the Southeast Asian region and leverage its interaction with the body to curb down the yearning, and addiction towards these lethal substances.

Methadone – The chemical opioid to beware

Methadone entered the market during the time of World War 2 as a powerful analgesic to cater to chronic pain conditions. It is a synthetic opioid that alters the way your brain and nervous system react to pain to provide relief. Methadone has been popularly put to use to treat opioid addiction, such as heroin. But the increased use of the same has led to abuse in many cases. Methadone acts at the receptor sites of morphine or heroin to stabilize the patient during withdrawal. But the opioid has potentially addictive qualities that cause cataphoric side effects in many cases.


Methadone is a central nervous depressant, and hence consuming the same in combination with alcohol could cause life-threatening effects. Methadone is administered only in clinics, even for people with a prescription. They need to acquire their dosage every day from a clinic under proper administration as per the prescribed quantities. Although methadone does not replicate the euphoric feeling after consuming morphine or heroin, it has powerful sedating effects on the individual.

There has been a steady increase in the number of methadone abuse cases in the past few years. Various treatment methods have failed to help these users to curb down their urge to consume the drug. Methadone also contributes to one-third of all opioid-related deaths. With many challenges acting as a barrier to reducing methadone addiction, kratom is the light at the end of the tunnel to treat the addiction naturally and effectively.

The History of Kratom

Derived from the leaves of an evergreen plant originating from the South East Asian region, kratom is a potent herbal remedy used in households of South Asian countries as a remedy for everyday ailments. The plant belongs to the coffee family, and the leaves go through a process of drying, after which they are powered. People use it to cure pain, aches, cramps, diarrhea, and nausea. The substance has various intriguing properties, such as energizing and uplifting effects that create a sense of euphoria in the users. It acts as a mild stimulant in the right dosage and can create an opioid-like impact on the body.

Kratom has become popular across the globe as a self-treatment method for chronic pain conditions and acute withdrawal symptoms from opioid drugs. Numerous testimonials are available that triggered the expansion of research in the segment to understand the value of kratom further.

Kratom interaction with the body

Kratom is becoming popular across the world for its efficiency in curbing down opioid addiction. It contains over 25 alkaloids that contribute to this effect. Two main chemicals, namely mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, interact directly with the opioid receptor sites in the body. These chemicals are present in kratom that substitutes for the absence of opioids naturally and reduces the intensity of withdrawal effects in users. The difference between the interaction of opioids and kratom at these sites is that kratom is a partial agonist. Hence, it is possible to control and regulate the interaction, and the risk of addiction is also low here.

There are two ways in which kratom helps overcome methadone addiction. In the first case, one can substantiate the use of methadone with kratom that stimulates a similar effect at the receptors and produces a mild high. You can slowly lower the doses to eliminate the problem. The next method is rather efficient and requires using small doses of kratom to initiate a detox. Either approach produces effective results.


Apart from helping individuals with addiction, kratom is also effective in curbing down the side effects of methadone withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms include nausea, pain, fatigue, hallucinations, emotional imbalance, frustration, emotional outbursts, etc. The intrinsic properties of kratom that include anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects can help in healing these symptoms. The analgesic properties aid not only easing physical pain but also emotional or psychological distress. The substance gives a slight high that makes the person lightheaded and happy. It relaxes the individuals and helps them focus on recovery efficiently.

The best ways to use Kratom for Methadone rehabilitation

Among the different types of kratom available on the market, red kratom offers the best effects to initiate a healthy journey during withdrawal. Unlike the intense psychoactive effects of white or green kratom, red strikes the perfect balance of relaxation, focus, and energy when consumed in moderate dosages. One of the popular strains strongly associated with opioid withdrawal is Green Maley. The balance of the various alkaloids in the strain substitute well for opioids at the receptors and reduces the body’s yearning to consume methadone. Red Malay, Red Bali, Red Thai are other potent strains to explore for similar benefits. These strains help cope with withdrawal symptoms efficiently. 


One can never stress the importance of dosage when it comes to kratom. Although a natural substance, excess consumption of kratom can initiate side effects of its own. Hence understanding the right levels for your treatment can ensure good health and wellness. The quality of kratom is important to evaluate how much to take per dose. Trust in a brand such as Kratom to acquire the best quality product on the market. Start with a low dose of 1-3 grams per day. It should help you feel calm, relaxed, and ease the urge to use methadone while you feel fully in control. You can level up to 5 grams where you will witness opioid-like stimulating effects.  

Kratom powder is the most common form of consuming the substance. You can consume a spoonful of the powder followed by a glass of warm water or include the powder in your everyday diet to enjoy the benefits in subtle hints. Kratom capsules are a more discreet way of including this substance in your everyday lifestyle.

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