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Parenting and vaping (part 1)

Parenting and vaping (part 1)

Parenting and vaping guide

It's an enormous responsibility to be a parent and a great pleasure. One of your main goals as a parent is to prevent your child's access to tobacco, alcohol and drugs, and other nasty things. It's not easy to be a parent.

When your child comes into this world, it doesn't have any manual with it, and they do not have something like a stop button or some other buttons. I for sure look for those. All they come with is physical and emotional needs, which you, as a parent, must provide. Failure to do so can have some crazy effects.

You ask yourself the main reason people quit smoking. You are correct; it's becoming a parent. The motivation to keep your baby healthy is powerful enough to eliminate this biggest addiction. So many people try nicotine guns and patches and probably our electronic cigarettes.

Using disposable vape pods or electronic cigarettes instead of the usual ones, it's much safer than smoking many times. If you chew gum or stick a patch in your arm, it's not like that. If your vaping, you have the same sensation as smoking a real cigarette, but without harm. Our guide will help you.

A recent youth tobacco survey shows a decrease in smoking and a rise in vaping;

it's a known fact that teens love to smoke. With some statistics from federals, about 90% of smokers do their first time by the age of 18 their first cigarette. But in the past years, vaping among teens has risen tremendously.

National youth tobacco survey done in the United States and published by CDC (centers for disease control and process prevention of them) - vaping is very popular in the audience of high school students, which may be bad news. What is a good one, then? We need to look at other reports published in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

For example, in 2014, about 12% of females and 15% of males had used e-cig in the last 30 days. And in 2015, it was almost 20% and 13%, respectively. But if we go back to 2013, we will see 1.5% of males and 1% of females or close to that have tried some vaping product. But see how big it grows in just one year for both genders.

Many doctors say it could have a significant negative impact on youth. The CDC chief called the whole situation alarming, trending, and shocking in all three meanings simultaneously. It's hard not to agree cause these e-cigs were mainly done for people who wanted to quit and not for non-smokers or even kids like that students.

The same survey states the tobacco level among adults doesn't change much, but it drops tremendously among students because of that vaping fever. For example, in 2013, the number of students who used the usual tobacco cigarettes in the last 30 days was 13%, but in 2014, it was 9%, which is an all-time low. However, in 2015 and later – not much changed on any level.

It means only one thing – smoking is on the decline, and vaping is on the rise.

It could probably be for only two reasons – kids who smoked in the past switch to vaping to reduce harm, and new people, at the same time, would vape and not smoke at all anyway. Many health pros in recent years say that electronic cigarettes are much safer than regular tobacco and should be like that. There was research by UK Government. E-cigarettes can be a "gateway" for teenagers to the ocean of smoking – is wring myth, and proven by CDC that it's not like that.

On the rise also a lot of quit-smoking groups and communities being done for all that propaganda how vaping is safer than usual tobacco; it has its impact.

As a parent, you should be concerned here; we do not have enough historically long data about how all that vaping and e-cigs impact our health and bodies as well as our child's. And for sure, we can't take any risk along with that anyway for many reasons, especially with kids.

As a parent, you need to be concerned.

While vaporizers and e-cigs do not smell of ash or butts, unlike regular tobacco, it still needs caution. Also, vapor spreads the air much more quickly than smoke. Finally, electronic cigarettes come in all sizes and shapes, and they're hard to distinguish from a regular pen, your usual USB memory device, or any other test gadget. So you may not even know that your child is vaping, and it will be tough to gauge them; however, you already know what to do with this insider information, and with some effort, you can find out if your kid is playing with vaping and you can prevent them from that.

Vaping around infants and secondhand vaping

The Spanish council, scientific research department published in the Journal of Chromatography last year showed some fantastic results. The study aimed to measure the VOC – volatile organic compounds (some can be toxic) – in normal breath, exhaled tobacco cigarettes, exhaled vapor from e-cig, and in usual indoor air. The results are in the table below.

Parenting and vaping (part 1)

The exciting news is that exhaled vapor or e-cig had fewer VOCs than normal breath; the smoke was the highest! Secondhand vapor is somewhat safe, but it still has nicotine. And no matter how secure it is, the fog is precepted the same as smoke for now, so people will see you as a smoker with all related things;) Please take it into account when vaping in public.

CDC stated that young kids would see the ads of electronic cigarettes in vaping and will start to use them, or if someone from adults in their family uses them, it's much more likely.

As a parent, you have much higher obligations. If you have some infants better not to vape around them, it will help you no matter what. We all know that vapor does have propylene glycol and nicotine, so it will be wise not to smoke around babies. It can cause throat irritation for non-smoking adults. We are not sure what effect will be for small kinds ;) Many manufacturers of e-cigs still try to hide what is inside them; I mean in e-juices, and if you use some cheap model, then plastic from it or paint can get mixed with vapor or liquid. All that is not safe for the babies anyway.

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