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Parenting and vaping (part 2)

Parenting and vaping (part 2)

Seven non-obvious signs of your kid are in vaping.

We will list some researched characters your teenager might secretly vape from you.

Some mysterious aroma

Disposable vape pods or electronic cigarettes usually don’t smell as bad as their tobacco analog. Also, most e-juices smell good, like candy, vanilla, mint, and some fruits. So, if you catch that smell, but you know they aren’t at home – it’s a sign.

Some strange gadgets.

Vaporizers come in different forms. They may look like cigarettes; they may look like boxes. The most common vape pens are called vape pens. If you find it seems like a pen, but it’s not, it could be a vaporizer. You may also notice holes on the ends.

Thirstiness increased a lot.

The vapor is made from flavors, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin. You may feel when moisture enters your mouth, that substance does its job keeping your mouth dry. So if your kid started to use more water than usual, it’s a sign to do something with it.

Sensitivity to caffeine.

If your kid loved caffeine-based energetics like Red Bull or drank a lot of coffee but somehow started to use more than needed, vaping could be the reason.

Chargers and batteries.

Vapers need to charge their devices each day, just like you do with your smartphone. Some vaporizers can be charged with a USB cable, but in case they use something compelling, then a 18650 battery is needed. Google for the image of it, and you may find one around you;)

Cotton wicks and metal wires.

Thoroughly look at your child’s room; if you find something to like, for example, metallic coils or plastic vials that are empty or organic cotton – it’s a sign.

Atomizers are discarded.

These things turn liquids into vapor, a vital part of the process. They are disposable and usually will burn out. Look in your kids’ trash; you may find one discarded here.

How to take control of the whole situation here

if you realize that your child is not the smoking age but appears to be vaping? First, do not panic. By being calm, you may help him to get rid of this addiction. Each situation is unique, but here is some advice that I can give you.

Keep your vaping devices out of reach.

You need to take care of this product and keep them away from the children. Your kid may mind trying to play with your vaping accessories and may need to do it right, which will be a big mistake from your side. Something you do not wish, correct? And putting them in some dark safe space sometimes is not enough even. Kids are smart today and shouldn’t get to your hobby devices—especially all the e-juices and e-liquids babies can drink, which will be disastrous later. Manufacturers, for sure, will say it’s safe, but you shouldn’t test this!

Please don’t make it extraordinary.

Vaping and electronic cigarettes look very cool; let’s admit it. Of course, you shouldn’t do the process when your kids are in the room, but if they do understand something already (it means they are not that small like infants), do tell them it’s something that you must do to stop smoking even worse things like tobacco and do not make it simple or fun process in the same time. Like a job, I would say!

So not cool clouds or vaping tricks from YouTube or slick vaporizers with which they would play just because of their looks! Please don’t do it!

Talk with your kids.

It would be best to tell them that you stopped smoking because of them, and you don’t want them to copy your past lousy behavior; for that matter, anyway,  you are vaping now to get rid of finally bad habits. But, if they ask, you should also start talking about that, like “Who of your friends are vaping, if any?” or “What do they think about vaping overall?” and watch for a reaction. So keep it ready and open for them, and do not make it a yes or no dialog.

Current kids are way more intelligent than us and do not want to make it wrong for them; that’s why they may vape and not smoke. However, if you carefully explain why nicotine is terrible and addictive, it may work with them anyway. And it would be best to be an example for yourself with them. Don’t want them to vape – do not vape! This will give much more instances than needed anyway. 

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It's an enormous responsibility to be a parent and a great pleasure. One of your main goals as a parent is to prevent your child's access to tobacco, alcohol and drugs, and other nasty things. It's not easy to be a parent.


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